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  1. IanClarke

    Horn Bracket

    Doing some Winter tidying up. Getting the car ready for Brooklands on 1st January Anyone have one of these spare? Horn bracket. If you could e-mail me ianclarkehome@yahoo.co.uk
  2. connected the angle drive to the cable, powered with drill and speedo worked. So problem bigger and deeper.
  3. Speedo stopped working. Tried the obvious. Disconnected cable at speedo end cable not rotating. So re-connected. Disconnected cable at the angle drive and ut a battery drill on it. Speedo worked. So all that is left is the angle drive or worse? How do I test? Looks like the angle drive rotates on a visual inspection. Can this be big trouble?
  4. Thanks, top tips. I will wait for winter and possibly take the bumper off and have it re chromed Overdue!
  5. One of the two not working . Checked continuity to the lamp holder from the boot. Nothing Two questions, if I remove it can it be repaired? Can it be removed with the bumper in situ, or is it bumper off?
  6. Never would have thought of black crackle finish. Looks very good
  7. Removed it last night. It has been cut to take a modern radio. And needs re-trimming. So what route have members taken. It there a kit, who is the best supplier How do you approach the task? Thanks, any help appreciated
  8. Super, and thanks. Had an new old stock one from way back in the 70's normal service resumed
  9. Quick question. Indicators stoppped working on the way to work..........it is a daily user. Where is the relay? Behind the dash? Drivers side on a rhd car?
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