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  1. Thanks Chris, I'll speak to them before making any decisions. Kind Regards, Paul
  2. Thanks Alan, I appreciate your thoughts and I respect them. To be honest I am happy to hear only positive feedback, particularly those relating to improved engine specifications with UK TR engine specialists. From there I can contact those individuals directly to gain further advice on costs, times, component specifics etc. Alternatively, anyone open to share their experiences, please feel free to message me privately. Thanks again. Regards, Paul
  3. Yes agreed. Imagine the consequences of not doing enough due diligence before deciding on who I should trust to do the work.
  4. Hello All, I am looking for opinions and anecdotal evidence on the best TR engine specialist in the UK. At some point in the next 24/36 months, I would like my TR4A's engine rebuilt and when I do I would like it tuned/modified to a fast road specification. I live in Canterbury, Kent, which is a disadvantage as it seems to be a long way from any the UK's genuine TR specialists (please correct me if I am wrong). However, it is an advantage in that when I do have the engine rebuilt, I may as well have the car transported to which ever specialist I fancy most. I have considered the following specialists... Racetorations TREnterprises TRBitz TRGB RevingtonTR Enginuity I have dealt with some of them previously and have started to form some bias for who I prefer, but really wanted to first ask this community of their experiences in using any of them or any other companies I have not listed, particularly when it comes to improving the spec of their TR engine. Money and time aren't really a consideration although I am sure this may change in the future when it comes to having it done. I look forward to reading your thoughts and feedback. Regards, Paul
  5. Hi Colt, Sorry for my slow reply. They did say the could do them but was likely to be a 9-12 month wait. Good luck with it if you do go down that route. Regards, Paul.
  6. Hi Chris, Yes they are centre lock although I am not sure if they come in 4.5, I was recommended to speak to Ed at Frontline Developments ed@frontlinedevelopments.com Worth getting in touch with them if interested. Regards Paul
  7. Hi Keith, Yes I used paint as it was easier to redo when needed in the future. As for silver paint code, I used the one below as it is lighter than the original BMC grey finish that some people use and I felt looks nicer. Paint code is... Color: Silver, Argent. Model years: 73-81. Primary Color Code: MCB. Alternate Color Code: 396. PPG/Ditzler Color Code: 33504
  8. Yes, unfortunately I don't have a solution for the hubcaps. Although I like your suggested solution best! As for the steering wheel badge. It is from the popular key rings sold on eBay. Just cut and file and they are a perfect fit. No need to even use double sided tape. I couldn't believe it! BTW, I painted rather than powder coated the wheels. Particularly as I was using rim embellishers and hubcaps. All the best. Paul
  9. I wanted to update this thread with an outcome. I got my TR4A back this weekend. I had the hard top finished (see pic below). I also found some early TR6 wheels, had pips from standard TR wheels welded on and job done. I know it is all personal taste, and probably not for everyone but it allows me to keep the 5.5j width and still have the hub caps with Triumph Globe badge which I love. I also found a Globe badge that fits the Moto-Lita steering wheel perfectly (see pic below). Happy to share what I learnt from this process if anyone wants to get in touch.
  10. Yes I agree, minilites are my least favourite. The last question I need answered is... Can anyone with original steel wheels (4.5 inch) confirm how much distance there is from the out edge of the wheel to the outer edge of the wheel arch? As if I am going to add 1 inch via wheel banding then the outer edge of the wheel will extend 1 inch further and therefore I need to be sure it doesn't protrude the body work. I am looking at pictures online to confirm this before buying a set of 4.5 inch wheels, which is risky. I'd rather find someone who could confirm the distance between the two first. Thanks again! Paul
  11. Hello All, I have spent too much time on this the last couple of days, but learnt a lot. Thanks for your help. There are three options to create the original TR4A steel rims and hubcap look in 5.5 inch instead of the 4.5 as they left the factory. 1. Find a set of very rare 1969 TR6 wheels (the ones designed for Rostyle hupcaps). Although because the pips (that hold the hubcaps in place) are quite a bit longer, you would need to alter them so the cap sits closer to the wheel (as per the image above from David). This is the easiest option if of course you get your hands on any. 2. You could buy 4.5 inch original wheels in decent shape with the correct size pips, have them banded by 1 inch and then re powder coated. If using wheel beautifiers, they would need to be an inch deeper. This is an easy option if you don't mind coordinating the various stages, and cost is fairly high if buying the wheels, new hubcaps, deeper beautifiers and paying for banding, powder coating and shipping (approx £1000 for set of 5). I also checked with insurance and they said there would be no issues. 3. I have contacted Weller Wheels who make 5.5 inch TR6 rims (with 15 holes instead of 12) to see if they can manufacture them with the pips to hold the original TR4A hubcaps. Which may in fact be the cheapest option although I am still waiting to hear if it is possible. I also used PowerPoint to show the various options. I told you have spent too long on this. See 4 pictures, with 72 spoke wires, original "World" hubcaps, minilites, and Dunlop M-Types. I am interested to hear which one's others prefer? For me it is the original hubcaps or Dunlop's. Thanks again for all your help. Regards, Paul
  12. Thanks for your replies. I thought the later TR6 wheels are 6 inch, and I'd like the width to remain 5.5 inch. As for the fixing the emblem to the knock on centres, although I have seen it done and think it looks good, it is just too far from the original hub cap look for me. I am also considering having some 4.5inch wheels banded if anyone knows of any original TR4A wheels and hubcaps for sale? Thanks again for your input. Regards, Paul.
  13. Thanks Peter, That sounds like a plan. I will start the hunt for 1969 TR6 steel rims. I doubt that they come up very often? Thanks again, Regards Paul
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