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  1. James Paddock supplied my rear valence panels. Fitted really well.
  2. I’m in the process of building up a Solidworks model of the chassis but am not 100% confident of the dimensions until I get the tub off it and check it over. My paper drawing is a little flaky on some of the dims so want to check with the physical thing. How long can you wait?
  3. This is what I found. Sea Kargo did a first rate job. As I said before they arranged the collection from Vaginia, customs clearance, escrow payment, tracking, images at the port, UK customs paperwork, 5% UK tax payment and delivery to my door. The only hiccup was Christmas and New Year in the middle of the UK landing process but Great service. Good communication and always someone there to talk to. BTW, get the transit insurance- containers drop of ships!
  4. I’m currently doing this as part of my TR restoration. I am modelling various components in Solidworks so that it allows me to see the relationship of the parts. It is proving useful during the redesign of the pedalbox for the LHD to RHD conversion. I also want to sort a proper accelerator solution other than the current ‘around the houses’ solution.
  5. Cut out and replaces several section of the boot floor. Spot welded in the inner valance and structural panel. Test fitted the outer valance. All looking right. Before I fit it all together, what is the black paint people paint on the inner panel surfaces that can’t be seen and need protecting from the atmosphere?
  6. Yes Ed, There are quite a few hidden sandwiched flanges. So my next job is to cut out and replace the eaten areas. The trick will be not cutting away too much to material and loosing my reference points and structure.
  7. Reference dimensions taken. Deep breath and out with the spot weld drill and slitter. Rear end off and now to repair the small rust patches before setting the inner and outer valance. Upper structural panel salvaged ready for rebuild. Using existing bumper mounts and original dimensions as reference, the trial fit of outer valance indicated a good fit. Reconstruction looks promising.
  8. Rear valance replacement. Inner and outer!
  9. Yep. Worked it out. The pedal offset is too far to the right. On with plan B... which is most peoples plan A!
  10. So what stops you just taking the lhd pedal box complete with clutch master cylinder and brake servo, complete with pedals untouched and just translate it to the RHS. Why do you need to change the brake pedals?and the clutch mc. Or am I missing something.
  11. Going to start on the LHD to RHD conversion. Can anyone tell me where I can get the RHD steering column reinforcement panel from. I can’t see it listed on the usual sites or its NCA. I recon I could cut the projection off and turn 180 degrees and weld on to a new back plate but if there is a panel available then why not. Or is the cut and shut the only option.?
  12. I used Seakargo. Even did escrow for me. Had it picked up from Vaginia and delivered to my door. 100% first rate service.
  13. Inner and outer panels ordered. Hoping I can keep the structural panel as this looks ok from initial inspection. I really needed the late panel but it’s not been in stock for the last 9 months. So ordered the earlier one and will cut my own number plate light holes........unless someone tells me there is some other significant difference. The bloke at Padock’s said they were the same bar the number plate lights.
  14. To be fair, visually from the outside it looked perfect and was clearly done by someone who had serious bondo skills....... At least I will have some serious weight reduction with all the bondo gone.
  15. Well today was a journey of doom! when you discover that 90% of your rear valance is filler and Ali patch panels......joy! Don’t care what you say I ain’t going to be able to save that! The other parts you can’t see in the photos is the lower middle section that is riddled with rust. The upper section is also body filler in all the crucial places. It’s dead! What’s the verdict on a James Paddock rear panel? All wings now off. Chipped all the under seal off the rear wheel arches and internal face of the rear wings. Boot lid stripped and removed.
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