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  1. Anyone know of a “alternative car” Arb that I could fit to the rear of my TR6?
  2. Ok, found some photos of the cam I took before I installed it. I quizzed the seller and was assured it was a fast road cam is just installed it. Wish I’d checked the numbers now. if the numbers tie up with what I think, it’s a race cam. However, the lift is still wrong. what do other people think? if it’s a race cam, i assume my options are to sell it and buy a newmans fast road cam. so this will be up for sale. Will it run in a road car? Never going to hit race revs. Never going to race it. advise please.
  3. Cam question have purchased a Moss fast road type 83 cam... or so I believe. The guy I purchased it from assures me it’s a type 83 and confirmed it came from Moss on the following part number TT10405N. He had it from new and that was what was on the box.it’s only done 50miles so new. Said it was not suited to a US spec engine. I used the old cam buckets on top of the new followers to measure the lift. however, when I measure the lift it measures 0.293thou which is the lift for a Moss type 89 cam. This throws up lots of questions as the install angle is 103 degrees for a type 83
  4. Any chance of getting back to the question lol?
  5. Done...it’s on with no sealer-dry
  6. May be a basic question but... got a Moss cylinder head gasket for a recessed block. it’s black and has a slightly rubbery coating to it. My question is does it need Wellseal on it or is it self sealing and the wellseal will damage the coating. btw. Fresh machined block and head. cheers jonathan
  7. Hi all I don’t suppose anyone has a spare number 2 piston ring laying about In the Uk. Grant is the manufacturer. I’ve broken one and moss are on back order. Grant will ship me one for $35 but at that price I may as well buy a uk based set and keep the spares for another unfortunate restorer. im trying to get the engine sealed up but at this rate it’s been open for several weeks and at the wrong time of the year with the damp. Everything is oil soaked but none the less I want the engine closed off. Any pointers? cheers Jonathan
  8. Thanks Pete. That’s what I was hoping. im trying to look at the cost of machining my own inlets from billet Ali. And would they be less than the £450 to £850 for current cast ones?
  9. Sorry,one more measurement. what pitch are the three carbs on? Ie the distance from the centre of the top cap wing nut to the Center of the next top cap wing nut? cheers
  10. Could someone do me a favour and measure the length of the runners on the inlet manifold please. I need the length from the face of the flange where it meets the inlet on the block to the face where it meets the Weber. cheers Jonathan
  11. Morning all, just in the process or rebuilding my 76 head. I’m putting a fast road cam in the block and have read that when using double springs, it is necessary to remove the lower inner spring collar. Is this correct? Is it ok to sit the inner spring directly on the head?
  12. Cheers Ed, mine are Grant via Moss. I’ll give them a ring.
  13. The engine build continues...... Last piston and I’ve snapped a piston ring. Have I got to buy a complete new set or does anyone know where I can get a plus 30 set for a single piston? Head rebuilt with new springs (yellow stripe), rocker shaft and valve stem seals (O ring type as I have double springs). I have now got a fast road Cam and new cam followers so as per the Moss book, I have removed the base collar from the inner spring. Is this correct? New oil pump on the engine block.
  14. Question. just got a fast road cam for my engine. Do I need different cam followers and can they be standard type? I appreciate I should buy new ones but which ones? cheers
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