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  1. Chromhall refinishing in Thornbury (Bristol) are suppose to be good. Not had personal experience but seen it recommended.
  2. Mark. Do you have a picture of the inside to show what the brake lines do? love the look of that!
  3. Chassis painted in POR15 rust preventive. Other bits had topcoat over the top of POR15 RP. Im not as happy with the adhesion of the topcoat to the RP paint but we will have to see how it lasts. At least it has POR 15 under it. Really pleased with the brush finish. The paint flows well. Not tried Topcoat direct to metal.
  4. No, mating surfaces clean and paint free.
  5. Springs and shocks in both sides!Need to paint the two spacers that keep the steering arm away from the drop link then install the hubs. I have already installed the new bearings in the hubs and am awaiting new Callipers and disks. Drop links and front torsion bar ready to go in. That will conclude the front end! yeh!
  6. No I used por15 topcoat. (Don’t like topcoat prefer the gloss black chassis paint to use)And that’s brushed. The springs are sprayed with rattle tin.
  7. Like you do! painted the springs in XHT and baked it for an hour. the front suspension have all been put together “finger tight” to confirm fit. All new poly bushes and hardware. Next stage to insert springs and torque up nuts and bolts. New Steering rack and components in. Brakes and brake lines next. Sorry to the purists but Callipers will be white with white rotor centres to match the springs. Suspension ironwork is a custom Dark grey.
  8. Hi. Can you tell me what electronic ignition system you are using and is getting rid of the distributor an easy job?
  9. Turning thoughts to the engine, what’s the deal with Carbs? Can I change the engine to triple Webber’s? This is a CF US engine. Who do I talk to, what do I need to do. Do I need a New head? I obviously need a new inlet Manifold. I also assume I need New fuel pump etc. If I can do a triple set up, do I need three Weber DCOE 40. Any other spec details?
  10. Question. How do you know if you need new Trunnions? What’s the test?
  11. Hi Gareth, yes time to get all the parts I have previously painted out of the cupboard and start the chassis rebuild. New hardware and poly bushes being installed. Need to order new springs and dampers along with deciding if to go down the Wilwood brake route or not. Not ordered new bearings either
  12. Major goal reached! All chassis welding and strengthening done and the chassis painted with two coats of POR15. Let the build begin!
  13. Chassis finally sandblasted. Waiting for a dry day and finally got one. The blasting has revealed two areas that need a patch and some additional dif mount strengthening. Hope to get the plates welded in tomorrow and then paint it before the damp sets in and we are back at square one. Behind the scenes, new mounting hardware and poly bushes have arrived ready for assembly. What do people paint the Aluminium trailing arm casting with? Like to stay in the POR range but what are my options?
  14. Joy, more sandblasting! Discovered a couple more stress cracks so the “welding done” status is now “needs more”. Question, When painting the chassis, POR15. How do people deal with joins in paintwork? I know it’s best to cover all surfaces in one hit but I can’t see how this will be done with a brush. Plus I will have to turn the frame. Is it better to do sections? If so ”what chunks” Is it better to do the underside and sides with two coats then turn the chassis and paint the top. Views please.
  15. Got most of one side sand blasted and got the frame back inside overnight. While it was up on supports, I thought I would have a check for square and flat. Square, its spot on. Flatness raises a question. With it sat level side to side starting from the rear it runs true right through its underside. The front corner may be out of level by 4mm. Is this a problem? Of corse it may also be right across the front and the rear opposite drop out. Is 4mm a problem? Difficult to tell if is a local issue or a gentle twist through the length. I could well imagine that parking the car on uneven ground for a period of time could induce that level of twist. Thoughts please.
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