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  1. Joy, more sandblasting! Discovered a couple more stress cracks so the “welding done” status is now “needs more”. Question, When painting the chassis, POR15. How do people deal with joins in paintwork? I know it’s best to cover all surfaces in one hit but I can’t see how this will be done with a brush. Plus I will have to turn the frame. Is it better to do sections? If so ”what chunks” Is it better to do the underside and sides with two coats then turn the chassis and paint the top. Views please.
  2. Got most of one side sand blasted and got the frame back inside overnight. While it was up on supports, I thought I would have a check for square and flat. Square, its spot on. Flatness raises a question. With it sat level side to side starting from the rear it runs true right through its underside. The front corner may be out of level by 4mm. Is this a problem? Of corse it may also be right across the front and the rear opposite drop out. Is 4mm a problem? Difficult to tell if is a local issue or a gentle twist through the length. I could well imagine that parking the car on uneven ground for a period of time could induce that level of twist. Thoughts please.
  3. BFG. Tell me about the adjustable trailing arm cradle in the last photo. Who sells that and at what cost? Not seen one like that before. Revingtons want 500 quid for a set that contains about £30 of components. Looking for alternatives.
  4. Ok comment noted, but why not if you have already seam welded around the pin and additional reinforcement plates. Surely a capping plate is belt and braces What is the reason for the “absolutely not”? Only curious. cheers.
  5. Question. Diff mount posts. To reinforce them, after I have welded in the additional plates, can I grind the protruding part of the pin flush with the cross beam and 5mm plate over the whole thing say using a 70x70x5mm MS plate? First it foul the tub? Typical detail for all 4? cheers.
  6. This weekend saw good progress. Both new out riggers welded in. T Shirt peeled back and re welded. No rust. Just lots of oil.- preservative. The Diff mount, what can I say. No picture does justice to the shear beauty of the previous owners welding. Pigeon poo a plenty. None of it actually forming any sort of bond. I’m no welder but really? Massive amount of stress cracks on the top of the crossmember. Dealt with by cleaning up and fully welding the cracks, ensuring really good penetration. I think all the welding is now done on the chassis and next stage sandblasting and POR15
  7. Sundays progress was fair. One out riggers in and the other side cut out ready. Modified the jig to deal with the offside. Still to slit off the tea shirt but felt it was better to do one structural job at a time so no to get the frame out of shape. I’ll get the offside out rigger secure then do the T-shirt. Judging from the amount of oils between the plates, I think it’s going to be ok underneath.
  8. Chassis stripped and the next task is to replace the two outriggers. From what I can see that’s tho only but of rust on the chassis. (Famous lasts words) Made the jig to ensure I keep the existing location and it should do both sides when it’s flipped and more location bolts are welded on. POR15 painted the inside of the new out riggers to ensure their longevity. Will brace right across the chassis so it remains flat during the process. Will need to slit the tee shirt off an see what’s lurking underneath. I’ll do the bottom when I turn the chassis.
  9. So I buy a pair of top ball joints and track rod Ends from MEV spares off eBay. Turn up and realise that they are without grease nipples. Phone the bloke up and ask if he does them with grease nipples. (Happy to pay more). No he does not stock them so ask if I could send them back. His reply was “no I would not accept a refund on those grounds”....yeh, thanks for your help mate....Not!
  10. Front end all stripped and waiting for sand blasting. Passenger side is a pile of bits while drivers side has been mostly blasted and waiting in temporary bondarust for a quick re blast and two coats of POR15. I have to say, POR15 is some good gear! Passenger side front wishbone joins had completely seized and I ended up drilling out the castle bolt. There was no flex in any of the suspension as if it had been welded together. Once I am ready for another batch of painting I hope to have all the drivers side front components painted and then wrapped in bubble wrap ready for final assembly. It will be new front shocks as both were devoid of oil and not doing much damping. Everyone should buy a sand blaster £159 - how fast is derust? Best money spent so far on the job. New parts....perfect.
  11. I did fancy my chassis dark grey. Anything stopping me painting in Chassis black and then POR15 2k topcoat in in dark grey? are the paints compatible? Am I wasting my time?
  12. Yep. Not going down that route.
  13. Not going to powder coat as I have read many horror stories about cracking and flaking. Over time. Unseen developing rust behind a good looking finish.
  14. Can I put it over the bondarust?
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