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  1. What thickness is the head? just about to do the same mods to my US spec car and need to know how much to skim off the head. At the moment it’s due to be skimmed to 3.400” which I think gives 9.5:1 CR. However it’s no hardship to make another pass to increase the CR.
  2. Ok, I have a knob and a switch but no stick. What you thinking cost wise? PM me your thoughts. Thanks.
  3. Which Gear stick with OD switch from other Triumphs drops straight into a 76 US spec gearbox with JType OD?
  4. Where did you get the bulkhead fittings from please. Going to do that on mine.
  5. Why was it there? Was it an option? Something else fitted there? Would seam better to fit a flanged bolt and dowty seal.
  6. Yes I was going to do a couple of things, supercharge it was one option, BMW engine was another and 1UZ V8 a third. then found out it was matching numbers and didn’t have the heart not to use the original engine. So that ruled out the V8 and BMW engines. The supercharge was my first definitely maybe, going to possibly modify the engine but then I heard a few and felt the whine would get up my nose. I like the look of triple Weber’s. They give some poke, Sound awesome and would be more in keeping with the car I think. Not fussed about fuel consumption. It’s not a daily and sound is more important. This may not make sense to many but what ever floats your boat. I still want to put a V8 in one but need to get another US car that has a dead engine. That then takes away the stress of gutting the car because it’s then just a shell- the soul has departed! The 1UZ engine would make an awesome exchange but would be heavy on the “cut and shut” work. But it does just fit.....just. Steering column is a bit of a nightmare. The engines are bomb proof and cheap. Can mount it to a 6 speed manual Lexus is200 box and Lexus rear diff. 250 to 280 bhp and rev to over 7000rpm. What’s not to like! As yet, I can’t find anyone who’s done it. let’s finish this one first!
  7. Hi all, Probably been done to death but can’t find answer I’m looking for. Want a triple Weber setup. I know I need dcoe40 but what do the type numbers mean? Which ones should I get? I assume all three need to be the same type. what are people’s view on the other makes of dcoe 40 carbs (copies)? Cheers
  8. What’s this? The silver hammered in aluminium plug above the oil filter. Can’t find a reference to it so wonder if it’s a bodge?
  9. Wonder if now would be a good time to re apply
  10. Yes, I got an inspection
  11. How? I got my application declined because I had started the restoration and the inspector said it needed to be complete.
  12. Looking at this option but only want the rotors. anyone know of a best way to get a set of rear rotors over to the UK as good parts wants $100 to ship $80 of disks. don’t care how long it takes.
  13. Gareth, going to need to have a good look as I would expect damage to be present on all pistons when the crank worked its way to the front of the engine As they all move together. I did not find any debris in the sump so I don’t think the marks are caused by metal particles.
  14. Engine stripped! couple of issues. Pistons 1 and 2 have scoring on front side but rest are fine. bores are good but 1 and 2 have marks that correspond with the piston marks. The marks in the bores cannot be felt so wonder if a polish would deal with it rather than a re bore. Journals on the crank are good with no marks. End float- oh dear....I’ll be ok if it’s measured in inches. would this explain the marks in pistons 1 and 2? But why only 1 & 2 and not all of them?
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