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  1. Thanks. But can’t see where they go. Can’t find a diagram for them. Any pics?
  2. Rear end looking more complete. Rebuilt drive shafts with new UJs and bearings. New boots. (One awaiting from Moss). Entire new brake components. Handbrake cables on their way. Only brake and fuel lines to run then the chassis is done…….I think!
  3. Can anyone identify these? Can’t for the life of me remember where they go.
  4. Engine looking more engine like. Question? Is the rocker oil feed in the right port on the block?
  5. Cam update. Newman Fast road can now installed in engine. Thanks for the advise. Now have race cam(?) and standard US spec cam available. Make me an offer!
  6. Gearbox…….what can I say. More metal in the sump than on the gears O/D locked onto box. A tooth in the O/D filter. It’s a mess. I’m going to find a man that can with this as I do not want to spend hours and £££ putting it right only to find I’ve missed something I did not know if it “should be like that or not” Got a couple of names but who else is out there who does not charge classic restoration tax? Do I get a new box (exchange) or have my box done?
  7. Does the Chris version replace the pedestal as well?
  8. Yeh like that. Not seen that before. I assume it slots in the top of the pedestal.
  9. Anyone got an old distributor body and shaft they no longer want. I need one to stump off to plug the hole when I move to trigger wheel ignition.
  10. I’m at that stage! looking at the GB and OD with a view to rebuilding them. Drained the oil and removed the top selector cover. Gears mashed and the drain plug looked like a sprig of broccoli with all the metal partials on it. The fork spigots are loose and it all looks a mess. Removed the oil cover plate on the OD to find a large chunk of metal sat on the filter. Something else broken. So thinking that this may be a mammoth task, I feel that it may be better just getting a recon box and OD. what are peoples thoughts on the Moss one at £1019. Would I get a better deal gett
  11. Anyone know of a “alternative car” Arb that I could fit to the rear of my TR6?
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