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  1. Yes I looked at them today but so far there is no evidence that they have actually rubbed and the spiral hose guards should arrive tomorrow. The idea is that they will prevent damage until I give them the full Revington treatment. The spiral hose guards are designed for industrial use. Des.
  2. Thanks I'll try mine first but if I have any problems then I'll go for the TR4A hoses.
  3. I've just ordered some Spiral Hose Guard HDPE from a company called Hilltop Products which I'll fit in the interim and then as a winter job make up the solid pipes as per Revington. So again thanks to all of you for your helpful inputs. Des.
  4. Thank you all for your quick responses. The Revington solution looks like the best option but I understand that SUVs with their large travel also have this problem and solve it with rubber donuts on the hose so a cable-wrap is also on the right lines. Also I understand that this is not actually a MOT failure but an advisory as it is an intermittent possibility, however I would prefer not to leave it to chance. Des.
  5. While rebuilding my TR3A I upgraded my front suspension with TR4A components to give me the 3deg castor angle. I also have TR6 wire wheels and rack and pinion steering and fitted Goodridge classic hoses. Unfortunately the hoses on full lock rub on the wheels. The Goodridge hoses I got were for a TR3A and all three hoses are the same length. Has anyone made the upgrade and if so did they experience the same problem. There is a set of hoses for a TR4 with a rigid rear axle which seem to have shorter hoses for the front, area these the ones I should have used, or is there another solution.
  6. Thanks Peter. PS Love the aero screens.
  7. I finally had success with my door catch. In the end I removed the locking plate from behind the lock by drilling out the upper spot weld and elongating the holes. I also had to cut away some of the door frame where the lock sits to allow more vertical movement. I then had to fashion a wedge shaped shim to fit behind the lock to align it with the luggs. The lock and the catch on the B post must be parallel as well as the correct height. Because the car is already painted I substituted the top weld for a screw. Sounds easy but while doing it I stripped the backing plate which I removed and tu
  8. Thanks for the info guys. I've resigned myself to some resetting of the mounting holes in both the door and if necessary the B post. I've started with the door as I see you can remove the top weld of the bracket without too much trouble, slide out the securing bracket and then enlarge or elongate the holes to accommodate the vertical movement. Hopefully the lock plate will cover the holes, and maybe even the hole I drilled to remove the weld for the retaining bracket. I'm halfway through this so fingers crossed.
  9. Rob's answer covers the interference laterally but has anyone any suggestions about the vertical alignment. My car has been sprayed so caution is required. What about easing the captive plates which the retaining screws screw into and enlarging the holes to give more location movement, has anyone don this.
  10. Thanks Rob. Yes it does sound similar. I have shaved off about 1.5mm from the back of the striker on the B post, but now I need to workout how to align it vertically. There is no room for maneuver on the door and if I move the striker on the B post I think I'll uncover some of the holes.
  11. Has anyone had the problem on a rebuild after aligning the doors when you came to fit the door locks they didn't line up and actually interfered. I shaved some off the back of the B post catch to solve the interference but there is still a difference in height to resolved. It seems that the adjustment on the B post may be the best to enlarge. Has anyone any suggestions?
  12. Thanks Ian, that's a great help. Des
  13. Some time ago, about 5 or 6 months, I came across a video which showed how to trim the inside of a TR3 particularly the rear wheel arches, however I've been unable to find it again. Has anyone come across this and if so can you give me the address. Thanks. Des
  14. Thanks Tush. I had seen these on Moss's site but didn't understand how they worked. I've just read how from your post ref. and from an engineering point of view it's ingenious. Again thanks. Des
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