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    1969 Clutch issue

    I bought the complete replacement kit from the TR shop which included new hose and replacement clevis pins. There is no play in the pedal bushes apart from side to side, and i think the pedals look fairly level,( will double check on the way home.)
  2. Hi i have a 69 which i am having clutch issues with. I drove it to work a month ago(140 mile round trip) and as each day passed the clutch got worse and worse until i could no longer change gear. I have so far replaced the master and slave cylinders and bled the system. this made no difference. I have then had the gearbox out of the car and replaced the taper pin, the original was cracked/about to shear completely. I put it all back together, but still no difference. Whilst the trans tunnel cover was off i noticed that the pushrod was barely moving inside the slave cylinder when the clutch pedal was pressed. About 1/2" max and it seems to be sticking out along way as though the pushrod is too short. The slave cylinder mounting bracket is mounted to the engine side of the flange. The cylinder is currently mounted on the aft side of the bracket but is using washers as spacers to try and get it closer to the clutch lever cross shaft. It appears that the rod may be too short as i can push it back inside the slave cylinder quite a bit from its normal resting place so is only getting partial movement. i have looked at the mounting bracket and due to its shape cant see how it could be fitted to the gearbox side of the flywheel flange. Any help or advice great-fully received. Richard
  3. I think the servo on my 69pi is dying. The brakes are getting harder to apply(as though servo not helping) hissing noise everytime pedal is pushed and at standstill the revs increase considerably when pedal is pressed. Has anyone used one of the overhaul kits to repair their servos if so is it a straightforward job to do? As id rather overhaul the current one than pay alot for a replacement.
  4. Got it adjusted and working correctly. Have driven approx 400 miles with it functioning correctly and now its blowing fuses again?😡 Still got a 200+mile journey home to do and no tools to work on it.
  5. Hello. I have a problem with the a type overdrive on my 69 tr6. It keeps blowing fuses every time i try to engage it. It used to work fine but the started to blow fuses whilst engaged. As a result i have replaced everything electrical in the overdrive system including the loom! It is still blowing fuses? Can anyone shed some light on what to check next as i would love to have it working again. Mechanically it still seems to work as it engaged when that little lever on the side was moved.
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