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  1. Hi all, I want to flush out and replace I coolant from my 73 TR6. There is no drain tap on the radiator so I presume I’ll need to undo the bottom hose, but which other hose/ pipe do I disconnect to flush out the system with my garden hose, assuming I’m using the correct method. Any advice please? Thanks
  2. Thanks Chaps for your prompt response. I think the retro product may be the best option - it may be more expensive but may save some grief further down the line. However, spending around £1000 is too extravagant for my budget and I'll base my research around a period style product with a few mod cons. Will let you know the outcome. Thanks again.
  3. Fearlessfozz

    TR6 Radio

    I'm planning to fit a modern radio into my '73 TR6. The centre console has the old style radio holes of tuning and volume and rectangular cutout for display. Has anyone carried out a similar modification and is it relatively easy to do? Advice would be much appreciated. Tahnks
  4. Thanks for your input guys, I'll decide on a mohair cover as its the material the hood is made from and try to get a colour match. Cheers - Enjoy a sunny bank holiday in your TR's
  5. Hi, I’m relatively new to the TR World so please excuse me if this seems a daft question. I’m considering buying a hood cover for my 1973 TR6. Can you advise me if they are easy to fit, where you would recommend I look for a cover, and finally is there a link anywhere for fitting instructions? Thanks
  6. Thanks for replies, I have J Type overdrive and also bought a spanner so I’ll give it a go. Thanks again
  7. I have to fit a replacement overdrive solenoid to my 1973 TR6. When fitting do I have to drain gearbox oil? Any tips please ?
  8. Hi, I just wanted to clarify that I have a J type overdrive. So at the weekend, had the use of a friends pit, eventually got the gearbox filler plug unscrewed to reveal a trickle of oil, so no problem there. When switching the overdrive switch on the column there is no noise coming from the solenoid. I then disconnected the solenoid wires and fitted a bulb across the terminals. I selected third gear and when operating the column switch the bulb illuminated. So there didn’t appear to be an electrical problem. To also confirm when selecting first or second gear the build would not illuminate, proving that the gearbox switches are working ok. Do I now assume that I have a faulty solenoid or is there something I’m missing? Fozzy
  9. Hi Jeroen, I guess the first question to ask, are you going to opt for original sealed beam units or something that is going to illuminate the road. My experience with my TR6 using sealed beam units was frightening and I couldn’t really see much in front of me, I opted to change them for Wipac lamps with LED light units fitted. I know this goes against the grain with many people and I respect that but I decided to put safety first. I obtained the units from Better Car Lighting who were great to deal with and very helpful the can be contacted on 44 121 773 7000 or have a look on their website. Good luck Fozzy
  10. Hi Roger, thanks for info. I forgot to mention that when I had the problem I switched the ignition off and the next day all was well but I did not use the overdrive rather than risk it. Ian
  11. Please bear with me as I’m new to this forum and getting to know my TR6. Mom having a problem with the overdrive unit. During a trip a couple of weeks ago it seemed that the overdrive unit would not disengage to the point where I was going uphill and it gave the impression that the clutch was slipping! I’ve tried switching the overdrive unit on with the ignition switch turned on ( engine not running) and in third gear. I could not hear the solenoid but the petrol pump slowed up a little which seemed to indicate that there was a draw on the current. Can anyone offer any fault finding advice please.
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