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  1. Thanks Roger. I don’t intend to do this myself hence a request for recommendations for a company that will do it. Thanks for replying Sara
  2. Hi My 1971 TR6 has a white American spec hood with the reflective side strips and zip out window. It has had this trim since I bought it in 1979. In 1981 I was able to get a complete American spec.set from a motor factors in Birmingham. Hughie Hill if I recall?? Anyway as I will have owned my car for 40 years next year and we are going to the 50th celebration of the TR6 at the International I’ve decided to splash out on a new hood. I’m going to import the replica hood with the reflective strips from the Roadster factory in USA and what I need are recommendations for a supplier who can fit
  3. Hi i own a CP version UK 1971 TR6 with overdrive, have done since 1979.The car was professionally rebuilt in 1993 and at the same time the gear box was rebuilt by Pete Cox. The car has done only a few thousand miles in the last 25 years. However it does have a problem time to time with gear selection when going into reverse. Twice I’ve knocked it too far over and got it stuck. The first time the gear box had to come out. It’s time this got sorted so can anyone recommend a TR specialist who can replace the worn gear selection mechanism and attend to any other gear box issues they may find
  4. Hi It is time to replace the hood on our Blue Grinnall. Can anyone recommend a hood supplier and a hood fitter in the Thames Valley area. Phil Silk was recommended years ago but I think he has stopped trading.
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