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  1. just for my understanding....you plugged the holes at the starter mount ??
  2. The projekt with the Mazda Gearbox has been occupying our minds for a longer time. I see the main challenge in fitting the housing to the TR6 or TR4 engine. In my opinion the Mazda Housing needs to be cut, and an adapterplate need to be attached. This adapterplate should be smaller as the cut part since the Mazda gearbox has a larger overall length than the TR4/6. Vitesse recognized this too ofcourse. They made a fitting housing and a matching centerpiece. This in order to reduce the gearbox height in the center. Vitesse put in the necessary investment and made a completely new cast
  3. Members will certainly read these posts, but are not willing to go the distance....mainly due to lack of skills or the need for such modifications.
  4. yes....but mine was an existing distributor with an 123 installed in order to keep the mechanical tacho...the base plate was wrongly installed. after that, rotor was in perfect position to a terminal.
  5. so how does it know when to stop when having an accident? you have to press the "stop" button yourself? I am just imagining being or seeing an accident and your first thought is having to stop the camera or it will re-record over the actual accident.... Is this how it works?
  6. Hi Richard, I looked at your amazon link....very nice camera indeed. I am not familiar with the whole series, brands etc.....just wondering, does one use the cam to record in case of a collision or can you also use the cam to record your driving on a racetrack or so....? So the question would be, use a (cheap) dash cam also for action....or use a action camera (GoPro) as a dashcam? Jochem
  7. For road use there is no noticeable difference. Jochem
  8. I like it! Thank you for sharing! Jochem
  9. Hi Conrad, I just send you a text. Jochem
  10. I had Michael saved under my preferences....cannot find his offer...anyways...unfortunately not the ones I am looking for...
  11. I know it is a long shot....I will try it anyway... If anyone has a countershaft (Item 57) and bracket (item 58) and willing to sell it, please contact me. Jochem
  12. I put the spindles in CAD and had a local supplier make them. Cost about 33 pounds per Spindle (8mm CP). Attached to the lever linkage which you can buy from Webcon. If any interest is there, I may be able to have a batch made again.
  13. Thank you guys! By the way....I did not install any bar on the rear....looks much cleaner in my opinion...
  14. just an idea....I made mine myself after seeing Racetorations prices...made from 42mm hydraulic tubing, wall thickness 2mm, powder coated. You can hang the whole car on it. I will be glad to send you the drawing....just send me a PM with your email address.
  15. I stopped carrying a spare wheel...instead have a rep kit in the trunk... But if you insist it would be helpfull to have at least the same tire size on your spare as on the other 4. Jochem
  16. Little bit confused....before I saw Marco's post I already installed the rear brake plates.. Buckeye Website installs the top locking plate from the non-lever side.... Marco's installation is from the lever side.... any particular reason for this difference? Do both work?
  17. That's how mine looked....actually all of them I have seen have some kind of identification...
  18. No mail and postal deliveries either?
  19. Hello Mark, check out Cambridge Motorsport (I bougth mine) http://www.cambridgemotorsport.com/historic/73871 Rear and Front Studs are different! Do not pull in the studs, but press them. Jochem
  20. Hi Carsten, that is the problem....there is hardly any warning..... Groetjes Jochem
  21. Carsten, if you feel the hub might be the source, I would NOT drive the car before knowing the exact cause. I have seen broken hubs during track days and the driver was lucky not loosing its wheel. Could have been much worse. Jochem
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