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  1. Common spacers are 8mm. Since disc width here is 24mm vs. 20mm vented Cortina disc, a 12mm spacer is needed. BiggRed does not carry those.
  2. compared to the original EBC Disc....
  3. GD199 and D203 are NOT vented discs.
  4. do not rely too much on this. not all hubs fit perfect. I would prefer to have the 4 holes in relation to the center to be as accurate as possible.
  5. JochemsTR

    Diff oil

    I apologize...I used and recommended GL5 for Diff. After this thread I contacted Liqui Moly direct and they recommended me: Hypoid-Gearbox Oil (GL4/5) TDL SAE 80W-90. The TDL Oil have the properties of GL4 (bronze metal) but also the pressure properties of GL5. Jochem
  6. For my upcoming engine I am installing studs in the front and rear and glue them. Jochem
  7. JochemsTR

    Diff oil

    +1 GL4 Gearbox, GL5 Diff.
  8. Neil, or Stuart, I understand the upright bend....but what do you mean by "vent behind the gearbox" ? Would you attach a hose to the upright bend and just hang the hose at the rear between engine and gearbox? Jochem
  9. You preferably want the clutch release bearing pressing symmetrically on the clutch, an even distribution. So the clutch friction plate uses its full surface to engage the clutch. A clutch plate not working symmetrically can induce local heat stress on the flywheel surface which can further result in clutch/gear failure. A radial movement (for whatever reason this occurs) should be limitted as much as possible. The pilot bush is merely a guide in this matter. And as Roger mentioned, steel on steel is no good. There are a lot of things that CAN happen. But I am sure, they don't always do.
  10. If curve B does the trick: 1000 - 10° 2000 - 23° 3000 - 27° 4500 - 33° my first data points 1700 - 21° and 2100 - 26° do not seem off much....I will check at 1000 and 3000.....currently Curve F is implemented by PO, maybe I can leave it. Jochem
  11. Ian, this I understand....I am just curious what max advance I can use....I am hearing max 26...max 28....and now max 30.... ofcourse I will play until the engine starts pinging...just curious what the general max advance is with some of the other 123 users here driving a TR3.
  12. feel free to elaborate on this text in the TR2-TR3 WSM. run distributor at 2.700 - 13-15° ?? below is mentioned 2,000 @ 12.5 - 14.5 advance...
  13. I have a TR3 with an older 123 Ignition implemented. My friend does not want to change it, I just have to make the best out of it. Got the engine running again...next step adjusting timing and setting carbs. I set 6° static. (since none of the curves really fit). Using strob light I got 21° @ 1.700 and 26° @ 2.100. Still need to do rest. What is maximum advance one should aim for? It is an original engine, nothing fancy. Jochem
  14. Thank you John....yes I am Dutch....living in Germany....so you can imagine my humour being appreciated here.
  15. 3082 100 142 and 041 are clutch covers. For the plate you can use B&B as available @ Moss. I did lots of measurements on clutches... 142 requires 60% more force than 041 !! Jochem
  16. Intake vs Exhaust... Ask your engine builder...he knows how much the guides should be pressed in. On top consider the seals while you are at it. Jochem
  17. Steve, I use the full lift method to set my cam. You can find the method on Kent Website... https://www.kentcams.com/support Jochem
  18. this links shows the 20W50 with an even higher Zinc content.
  19. Hi Mick, it is in german, but scroll down there is a table with all kinds of oils and their Zinc content. https://www.usteile.ch/blog/oldtimer-und-muscle-cars-motoroele-mit-zddp-additiv/ Jochem ...and since it is on the internet...it must be true ...in this case, the website seems legit.
  20. Mark, has your propshaft been balanced? and check whether prophaft has a minimum of 15-20mm space to slide back and forth. Jochem
  21. I made some recommendations getting some decent trailing arm brackets. They are being sold thru Revington, but you can buy them also direct from the manufacturer for a better price. (just a recommendation, not getting paid) Jochem
  22. Peter, another example: Valvoline VR1 Racing 20W50 has Zn in PPM of 1200 Maybe it is clearer now... My listings are no secrecy.... Jochem
  23. in 2016 I did some research on synthetic oil. Castrol Edge Titanium FSt 10W60 ZDDP: 1080 Liqui Moly Synthoil Race Tech GT1 10W60 ZDDP: 1200 Mobil1 Peak Life 5W50 ZDDP: 1100 Valvoline VR1 10W60 ZDDP: 1300 I currently drive with Castrol Edge Titanium. Jochem
  24. I would love to... Besides the discussion regarding diameter and flow, I am still looking for a sheetmetal guy willing to fabricate such custom plenum. Jochem
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