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  1. hi all yes I can tip engine forward no problem im just waiting on core plug now
  2. hi all I have just tried tapping core plug with a sharp punch and it turns quite easy in block and does not look flat its quite curved so it might not have been fitted properly I will wait till new one comes before I remove old on
  3. thanks for replies as you can see in photo scroll seal looks like it was replaced when engine was rebuilt and did not want to disturb it as it looks to be sealing well iv been chasing oil leaks since I bought the car iv replaced seals in axle and rear gearbox and have cured most of them but it is a triumph so it has to leak somewhere
  4. hi all thanks for all the responses the oil is running down the back of engine on core plug side only other side and all around scroll seal and crankshaft flange is dry iv even wiped a cotton bud between seal and crank flange and it was dry and the back of the flywheel is clean and dry what looks like drips on scroll seal bolts is gasket seal I will wait till new coreplug arrives then make a decision about the modified seal which I have and iv borrowed a mandrel of john Morrison from Cumbria it just seems a lot of messing about removing crank shaft I have also replace timing chain and tensioner when I replaced front oil seal which had a slight leak
  5. Hi Brenda 1 yes I took just engine out gear box still in car side and top bellhousing bolts were a pain but rest was easy
  6. hi all just managed to upload photos the seal fitted is stamped A 34 and I think is a standard scroll seal cant see a viton seal behind flange and you can see core plug is leaking and if I shine a light up behind crankshaft flange it is bone dry no oil at all
  7. hi I have removed engine on my tr4a today to replace oil seal with a modified oil seal but after removing flywheel I have found the scroll seal is bone dry no oil leaking at all found oil is leaking from core plug in back of engine so advice please do I continue to remove crankshaft and replace with modified seal or just replace core plug save me stripping all the main bearings and big ends and front timing chain cover as engine has done less than 5,000 miles since full rebuild iv tried to upload photos of scroll seal and leaking core plug but I think file is to big
  8. Hi John Morrison i have sent you pm thanks
  9. Hi all iv attached picture of mandrel the red writing is the correct size for the Christian marxs type seal
  10. Thanks for all your help I was going to use the Christian marx type seal from ang classic I have a diagram of mandrel with both sizes on I will find a machine shop local to make one for me I am hoping to only do the job once its only a couple of drops each time its parked up but I just don't like any leaks RogerH send me a link to another way to cure it so might try that first thanks again if any member in the northwest has a mandrel I could buy/hire/borrow over xmas please E-mail me at davdav@aol.com thanks again for advice and information
  11. Hi can anyone tell where I can buy a mandrel for the rear oil seal on a TR4a I am hoping to replace mine while I am off work over xmas I will be using the Ang conversion kit leaving original scroll seal in place I live in Lancashire so if anybody knows a machine shop local who could make one I know the mandrel size in manual is wrong and have correct size with diagram thanks
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