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  1. You may know by brother who is living in Aarhus, he has a blue TR7 and is a cyclist!
  2. i must admit to never relying on a mirror in the 6, as the roof is always down a glance over the shoulder is best, even bigger mirrors have huge blindspots. Anyway i will give them a go, i can always swap back. Thanks all
  3. Some advice please I have standard mirrors on my 6 and are fine but I need to fold them both in to get the car in my garage which is a slight faff especially when reversing out, I quite the bullet ones so question is are they a direct replacement for the standard in terms of fitting holes and the surface area they cover and I am assuming they stick out less than the original rectangular sized mirrors? cheers
  4. All good points I've not considered and the TR6 does need a bit of muscle to hustle it along so the thicker rim with grip certainly makes sense, just found a inside picture of mine, its wood rimmed but pretty thick so whilst its not period it seems a good option to stay with and ill save the cash towards some stainless bumpers........
  5. Thanks, i did wonder if the looked better than they performed, ill stay with my leather rimmed wheel in that case.,
  6. Hi all I am looking to order a wood rim steering wheel and was wondering which is the most authentic and best feel wheel to get. This one e bay looks good. What do you all think?
  7. I changed the oil on my 6 just before putting it away for the winter although I did have a few short drives before this. I used a Unipart GEF 443 filter which is a short stubby one to gain clearance as i have an oil cooler. So since its been away it has been dry until last week when I had to move the 6 out of the garage and now its leaking oil from the filter seal and has continued to do so for the last few days, about half an egg cup. Its a mystery why it should do this now but perhaps the cold oil increased pressure. I checked the OPV and that seems fine. I am going to put a new fi
  8. I have an oil catch tank which collects vented oil from the block and rocker cover and at the moment it is probably half full but has always worked pretty flawlessly as its not exactly a complicated arrangement. The last two times I have used the car oil is being discharged from the fill cap on the rocker cover. Can any one advise whats gone wrong or how to fix this?
  9. Have replied and I am in Herts. Also in touch with serk. Cheers
  10. Ive just pulled the Ali radiator from my 6 as the well around the bottom header was full of coolant. Ill give it a wash tomorrow and once dry Ill try and find the leak but it looks like the epoxy compound to the fin header joint may have failed somewhere. Options seem to be a new one which is expensive if you have a thermostat circa £400 (serck which my one looks like) A repair by a specialist although one web site the repair at this joint can be difficult Have a go at repairing myself, stic tite looks like it might flow well into the well. I would rather stay with an ally
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