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  1. Hi, Any tips on spanner / socket type to access the 3 nuts that secure the throttle bodies - spanner wont fit in the well / extreme difficulty !! Thanks in advance
  2. thanks - Aylesbury not too far away - may contact you if I cant find anyone locally - local engineering company quoted £170 !!!
  3. Hi, looking for someone that can turn a rebate into the back of TR6 pulley wheel to accommodate a trigger wheel. Happy to pay going rate / beer tokens etc. Any suggestions of companies welcomed. Thanks
  4. M16 studding nuts washers and 75mm valve sqare plate washers (type used in construction)all from orbital. Fasteners Watford for about £20 - worked perfectly for me
  5. thanks Roger - will have a measure up and look through the acxes catalogue
  6. lost one somewhere in the garage and need a new one (or set of 3 uprated |?). The small ones that wrap around the spindles. Cant seem to find anyone online that stocks them - any ideas appreciated. Thanks in advance and HNY everyone !!
  7. no compression tests as engine / car had stood with the previous owner for a few years / had not run. turns over the crank smoothly. yes - next step as you say Mickey, is some measuring etc. Based on what I have seen so far I am thinking of keeping the current bearings - anyone recognise the following engraving on the shells / who would have manufactured them ?; mains; 149550 D MX T/B G S2920 SA .010 U/S B Ends G S 202022 SA D AX + 020 U/S T/B 149549
  8. Excuse the TR6 newbie here - first engine rebuild so taking it slow. My engine condition was unknown totally, albeit records indicate some kind of rebuild in history - if I am right 23k from rebuild. So I have taken the head off and last night removed a few bits to get a feel for problems. Bores look fairly good - smooth / no ridge at top etc, albeit I need to measure / inspect properly. Photos below show pistons / bearings. The bearings look pretty good to me, the engraving suggests' big ends +.020 U/S, Mains 0.010 U/S - so I m assuming has been ground at some time. £40 seems to but a new set, but I was thinking these look pretty good / be kept - any views ? rings similarly look ok, but need to measure properly . Anyone give guidance on the staining on the pistons - is this normal wear and tear / can I just clean them up etc. ?? Any views / comments appreciated. Thanks
  9. as part of my resto, I am replacing loom. In doing so what have others done with relays - I propose adding extra for fuel pump, high beam etc., but do I match the existing (old style) or replace them all as job lot ? ideas please....
  10. Thanks all, think i'm getting my head round it / all seeming more logical. have ordered the sill brackets and end caps (have the chassis spacers), will take the next week to think things out (before i grind) - seems not a job to rush - i knew this area was the biggest challenge when i bought the car !!
  11. spent the afternoon working things out without cutting yet - i think your right - vmay as well take most of it out - slowly does it ! - ponder and think before i grind ! also looks as if there's been some earlier work around the posts, and looks a bit suspect so will go a bit at a time / remove it. Did you use the sill brackets ? - found pics online now - looks like i need them as well as the end caps.
  12. Hi all, newbie on here, but have enjoyed looking at your forum over the last few months. I recently purchased a late CP TR6 as a project. It came with the floor and sills cut out and new panels to fit - and i am in the process of putting it back together. Tub is well braced which is a good starter. Now working out best ways to fit before i cut too much out (they have left most of the metal in place around A and B posts including the triangular stiffener, and this looks fairly rot free 9see photos) - is it best left in place and cut sills around to suit and weld in ? Looking at catalogues there are some sill fitting brackets - are these necessary on a re-fit - can't seem to find picture of them fitted on net etc. Thanks in anticipation / look forward to meeting you all on here.
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