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  1. What a belter ! Newly restored TR2 ( to customer spec) running around £50k over here. If you wanted full originality (or as much as can realistically be achieved) by a top company, then probably wouldn’t get change from £75-85k. Market value is probably lower, as a really good car restored a few years back will certainly fetch £35-45k, so I’d reckon your idea of £60k is not far from the mark given your level of originality, attention to detail and quality of restoration. Finding the RIGHT buyer is the trick. Any item for sale is only worth (monetarily) what someone will pay at any point in time. Hope you enjoy it ! Best, Chris
  2. Special Offer eh ?? I’d change it if you want peace of mind. It might be worth making a complaint to Moss and see if they will credit you the cost of the Powertune servo if you buy a L9ckheed one from them. Even so, you will still be out of pocket having had to pay for a servo to be fitted twice - although swapping in the new one is easier given that the hydraulics ar3 already in place now. Th3 other option is to try and service the existing unit and use dry lubricant (molybdenum disulphide ?) on the sticking air valve, which I have read elsewhere seems to alleviate the problem. If you need any spares I have the discarded Powertune servo sitting around. Chris
  3. Which Brake Servo did you buy, the cheaper Powertune (made in China ?) or the identical looking Lockheed (supposedly ) version which is made in the UK. I had exactly the same problem and changed for the Lockheed version which works perfectly. Driving with the Powertune servo was a nightmare - it would stick and could only be released by stamping on the pedal several times. Quite dangerous. The driving experience has been transformed (positively) since fitting the Lockheed servo. Cost about double, but well worth getting it right. Chris
  4. Red is the new black ! Stunner !! Keep up the good work, Best, Chris
  5. Just double checked Moss website, and they are now selling this Crank oil seal kit for £72 (including the spring element mentioned above), but it has a standard lip seal, not the uprated Viton seal - although they are available at additional cost. This is about half price compared to what they were charging 12 months ago ! Chris
  6. I think this is the one manufactured by Bastuck in Germany. Moss sell it, but TR Shop is a little cheaper - £135 and £49.50 for the centring tool (but you can return it and get a £26 rebate) I had this seal fitted in to my rebuilt engine and have had no discernible oil leak from the rear end of the crank - however, I have only put about 1500 miles on since rebuild. At £75 it’s a good buy if you need one, and it least means you do not have to machine the crank and can always revert to the original. Chris
  7. Looks and sounds great. Red letter day !! Best, Chris ,
  8. I think Rod is right - there’s no place for the pilot to sit. Maybe able to get some spares at IKEA! Good luck, and no flying that thing within 5kms of Heathrow Chris
  9. Hi John, Fantastic job ! Panel gaps look perfect. Getting closer to what must be one of the most ‘standard’ and original side screen TRs on the planet !! Keep us posted. Chris
  10. Yes Rob, I was ‘reliably’ informed that it was a common option during the 50s/60s, but does then pose the question as to how you would wire them - both on the same switch/ individual switches/linked to main beam or numerous other combinations. I don’t know the legal requirements , but I expect there is room for some exemption from the strict EU regulations that are no doubt in place on all European vehicles. Enjoyable quandary. Chris
  11. Yes. Straight swap and much brighter. Very agreeable colour temperature too. None of that annoying flashing at start up either ! Chris
  12. I seem to recall Carl Fitchett at TR Traders had recently received a mixed shipment of TR blocks/engines and many other major components from the US. If you get stuck he may be worth contacting, although shipping to Australia would be slow and costly. His advertised UK contact number is 07831 826877. Best Chris
  13. Coming along nicely John. On the road for your late summer/autumn ?? Chris
  14. John, Can I buy it from you when it’s finished ??? Stunning. Keep posting the updates, it’s great to see it progressIng. Best Chris
  15. Rob, Rimmers have the cork seal in stock 101418C £2.22 incl VAT. Postage extra Best, Chris
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