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  1. By the way, their part number for the kit is MCY 113 Chris
  2. Hi Alan, Macy’s in the USA offer the full door pull kit for $39.50 + shipping You can find them on eBay under Macy’s Triumph Garage I obtained a set for my car - they are excellent quality. Maybe a bit pricey if you are only looking for the end-cap finisher. Good luck, Chris
  3. I recently fitted Furflex to the door gaps and found that the top could be finished quite neatly by cutting about 10/12mm longer than required and ‘rolling’ the end back in on itself (it is essentially just a rubber tube covered in fluff). The end result is a neat rounded carpet top without any additional adornments to fall off or come unstuck. No pictures to hand, but I can take a couple if any one is interested. Probably worth trying it out on a small spare piece of Furflex so you can get the hang of it and see what the finished result will look like. Chris
  4. I went for stainless - not as ‘bright’ as chrome, but a worthwhile trade-off for ease of maintenance and many years of carefree ownership. Chris
  5. Yes, I think I could do with one - will check which type I require and get back to you soonest. Thanks, Chris
  6. Your life just changed dramatically - for the better !! Best, Chris
  7. Hi Rod, Actually the door opens fully against the door stay and the side screen just touches the mirror. Best solution I have seen which is why I went to a lot of trouble to get hold of one ! (Not all my doing though, John McCormack did most of the running around and organising on this - above and beyond the call of duty)
  8. Grant, The Australian TR Register has a member who produces a Dzus mounted mirror which goes on the base of screen stanchion. Very neat. Unfortunately he will only ship within Australia, so you need someone there who will receive it and forward to the UK. All a bit of a faff, but really tidy. Chris
  9. Yes, Nick Raistrick of TR Lincs has the correct pattern stamping machine and can produce original looking tags. If you want his telephone number send me PM and I’ll forward it to you. Chris
  10. Yes, Stuart is right - get the Lockheed branded version at the higher price. I had a Powertune version fitted to my TR2 and it was hopeless - it either didn’t work or came in very suddenly and had a tendency to stick on so that the brakes were locked on and could only be released by stamping on the pedal a few times. Quite dangerous. I had it replaced with a Lockheed servo and it’s been perfect ever since, in fact feels almost too close to a modern car ! Money well spent - you’ll appreciate the quality long after you have forgotten the price. Chris
  11. +1 for Bob’s (Lebro) rear LED light set-up. Brake/Side/Flasher all looking original but much safer than the feeble original bulbs - especially when being followed down the road by a 40 tonner on a dark, wet evening !! Nice looking car by the way. Chris
  12. By the way, are you going to install Bob's smashing rear LED tail lights and indicator conversion? I would. Yes, I second that - great conversion which gives you much more confidence that cars following you can see you and your intentions. Great little fix and great value for money. Do it, you won’t regret it. Chris
  13. Superb ! Keep it clean and don’t show off too much !! Best, Chris
  14. Great job John ! Congratulations on getting another TR2 back on the road in its original form. What will you do with your time now???? Apart from drive it of course. Best, Chris
  15. Hi Richard, According to Esso’s website they say there is no ethanol in Synergie Supreme+ except in parts of Devon, Cornwall, Teeside and Scotland as per the extract below: “The majority of unleaded 95 Octane petrol sold in the UK contains up to 5% ethanol as required under the Government’s Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO). There is currently no requirement for renewable fuel (such as ethanol) to be present in super unleaded (97 grade petrol). Esso super unleaded petrol (Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded 97) is ethanol free (except in Devon, Cornwall, the Teesside are
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