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  1. Looks and sounds great. Red letter day !! Best, Chris ,
  2. I think Rod is right - there’s no place for the pilot to sit. Maybe able to get some spares at IKEA! Good luck, and no flying that thing within 5kms of Heathrow Chris
  3. Hi John, Fantastic job ! Panel gaps look perfect. Getting closer to what must be one of the most ‘standard’ and original side screen TRs on the planet !! Keep us posted. Chris
  4. Yes Rob, I was ‘reliably’ informed that it was a common option during the 50s/60s, but does then pose the question as to how you would wire them - both on the same switch/ individual switches/linked to main beam or numerous other combinations. I don’t know the legal requirements , but I expect there is room for some exemption from the strict EU regulations that are no doubt in place on all European vehicles. Enjoyable quandary. Chris
  5. Yes. Straight swap and much brighter. Very agreeable colour temperature too. None of that annoying flashing at start up either ! Chris
  6. I seem to recall Carl Fitchett at TR Traders had recently received a mixed shipment of TR blocks/engines and many other major components from the US. If you get stuck he may be worth contacting, although shipping to Australia would be slow and costly. His advertised UK contact number is 07831 826877. Best Chris
  7. Coming along nicely John. On the road for your late summer/autumn ?? Chris
  8. John, Can I buy it from you when it’s finished ??? Stunning. Keep posting the updates, it’s great to see it progressIng. Best Chris
  9. Rob, Rimmers have the cork seal in stock 101418C £2.22 incl VAT. Postage extra Best, Chris
  10. Some great looking cars on that link John. Looks like a good turnout too - but you do have the weather on your side it would seem !!! Chris
  11. Hi Roger, The Sprint Classics are certainly superior looking - I have the T-Trac 2 tyres and they have a really cheap ‘pattern’ on the surface of the tyre wall that looks like it cam from the bargain section of Clinton Cards !! All shiny and reflective. If you actually need to replace your tyres due to wear, I’d splash out and buy the Sprint Classics. Ikm good at spending other people’s money. Chris
  12. You're not wrong Roger ! Have only just got the car on the road and had no idea as to how I might use it - have put about 500 miles on in 3 weeks so perhaps I'll have to amend my policy ! Chris
  13. Wow ! 3000 miles !!!! My insurance cover is only 3000 miles PER ANNUM. What kind of car do you tow as a spare ??? Good luck, Chris
  14. John, Interesting that after a 10 week tour round Europe your first priority on returning home is to "check on the cars" !!!! Chris
  15. John, Your TR2 re-build looks fantastic. I love the colour ! Looks as if you are going down the originality route - no narrow belt conversion I note. Thanks for the link to your mirror man - do you think he would ship to UK (at my expense obviously). I see there is a phone number to contact him, but is there any way I can get in touch by email or through the register do you know ?? Best, Chris
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