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  1. Peter I do not have any real good close up photos to show the paint condition as it was , but here are a couple , one if which is whilst it was with Craig after he had two stage bucket washed it and dried off . You can clearly see the marring marks and some scratches albeit there not too many of these. Also note any reflections are not true i.e. crisp.
  2. Good job they disappear when you pull out of the garage !
  3. Mike Wheels had some attention but they were not taken off the car , usually I ask Craig to do this but I have purchased a tool to remove the wheel Spinners rather than use a hammer and it had not come in time, so it will be me doing a full wheel clean and arch clean. Andy
  4. Rich unfortunately I had ordered a couple of new bezels for the dials ( I took them all apart cleaned them etc) the bezels came too late , so I refittedvthe old dash taped the dials back together so I could get the car to Craig. Next job will be to fit the new dash and door cappings , but can't do this for a while as car had to go into storage for a while so I can crack on with garage extension. I will send you some pictures when it's done. Andy
  5. Thought I would share some photos of the car after it had a full machine paint correction / polish and protection. Have shared on various Face Book groups so I apologise if it's repetative for any members. Andy
  6. Paul I am not that far away as I live close to the town centre. Would be great to meet up at some point when the weather is better. I am doing an extension at home which includes a garage extension so the car is in storage but still local as not far from Cannock. Andy
  7. Paul Lovely looking car and great location, I live in Cannock myself , had a 6 we'll still have but she is up for sale as I brought a 5 . I will keep an eye out for your car over the coming months. Andy
  8. Ian thank you for your pointer to local group. I have managed to establish that it is a Clayton Heater and operates on two speed so from what Fireman has shown it's likely that the cable was not connected as the control knob is original and thus two speed. For peace of mind I have tested the battery as I found my multi meter I was given, first time round I got the red wire in the wrong connection and I has sparks ! Thank fully no damage done and I managed to get it right , battery read 12.9v . I will go for Johns advice re Amp meter and all should be good . Thank
  9. Fireman ....I am based in Staffordshire , been doing some reading for some things to loomat and realised I was given a multi meter a long time back and never used it. ( see below ) John thank you for your advice , I will reconnect this and give it a go before I explore anything else , hopefully all will be good thank you very much . Andy
  10. Nigel thank you for the explanation, I perhaps would be better if I tackled it with a hang over ! Tom thank you for the wiring diagram, I am going to have a better look over the weekend and see if I can trace the too and from of the wires. I went into the garage this evening thinking I would do what Roger had suggested , I reconnected the battery but nothing happened , I did not want to start it but simply have power . I currently have all instruments disconnected would this cause the issue.? There was no fuel pump prime / radio and no usual clicking sound when I did t
  11. Nigel just so I know ( looking to get some knowledge on these matters) if it was a Clayton 3 speed would it only have two wires then ? Not sure how these things work ....so your fan has three speeds and you can use all three ? Andy
  12. Thank you all for the welcome and guidance. Re heater and to answer a couple of questions , I am not sure if it is a Clayton style I assume it will have a name on it and It is a plain yellow wire, I am guessing I must have knocked it off when fumbling around taking the dash off . I will connect it as Roger suggests and see what happens , I thank you for your prompt responses and I am certain I will be here again at some point in the future. kind regards Andy
  13. Firstly I will say hello, I have been a member for over a while now, joining before I even had a TR, this was sorted back in November 2017 when i purchased a TR6 to go along with my mark one GT6. I now have a TR5 and wanted to improve the instrument lighting with LED bulbs, looking at the forum and with workshop manual in hand yesterday I managed to get get the dash out and instruments ( did this as likely I am going to go for a lighter coloured dash ) however this morning I noticed a spade connector that was not connected to anything. From the wiring loom there are three wires two of w
  14. I brought my mark 1 gt6 off a guy that has one mark one shell remaining and this is what he said he was going to do to it , he discribed it t me but seeing it in a photo must say it looks really good.
  15. Millie

    TR6 Roll Bar

    Nibbo I am sorry I am of no use to you as I have not got my TR yet , hopefully one of the members will come through for you , good luck.
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