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  1. I had that exact plug start leaking last year. When engine running, it leaked quite bad. The plug comes as a bar that you thread in and break off, then peen it over. I re-peened it and RTV sealed it. So far, so good. Would have hated to have to replace it in-situ. Graham
  2. Ride on a bumpy road, while pulling regular or emergency release? car on a lift, remove starter and exhaust to give you some room? from underneath, can you reach the area with a long screwdriver and unscrew the springed "what you call it"?, or the assembly bolted to the firewall? Graham
  3. Stuart, it is hood and trunk in Canada as well, unless of course you are talking about your LBC. Graham
  4. Graham J

    Column movement

    Is the whole column moving, or just thr steering wheel? if steering wheel, there are bushings in between the inner and outer column. if the whole column, check the mourning points. I have heard there is one by the firewall that can tear. Graham
  5. Thank you all, I will have a go. graham
  6. My bonnet is touching the left side Skuttle panel about 2 inches from the corner. Bonnet to fender gaps are fine, right side bonnet to Skuttle panel is fine. what adjustment should I try? graham
  7. Cookie sheet in between carpet and floor pan worked a treat. Mum did not bake that much anyway! graham
  8. I have an antique broom. It has had two new handles, and one new brush head.
  9. November 2019, on the way to winter hibernation. Still there, unfortunately.
  10. Graham J


    A bit different with a black roof. Itching to get her out of winter storage.
  11. Great list of resource info. I am going to take the LUCAS Overseas Technical Corespondence Course, to make sure I do not let the smoke out. Graham
  12. Paul, i have sent you a PM , see the mailbox at the top right of your screen Graham
  13. Iani, mine is the same, one side anyway. As I was putting the TR away for winter, I just left it. I would think that there is an adjustable stop in the door for this, but could possibly be windscreen height or angle. Does your door glass fit well with the windscreen? When raising the door glass, does it follow the same angle all the way up? also, please direct me to the post that you reference above. graham
  14. Just installed a hardtop on mine. I have about a quarter inch gap on the left side along the top.
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