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  1. Congratulations on your second TR. Graham
  2. I believe it is some type of exciter or something, I think it triggers the altinator on start up. BUT I do not know this for a fact. i replaced my alternator on my 76 recently, the new alternator did not have a post for this wire. I was told that I could tape it up. Instead, I took the spade of the old alternator and installed it in the same place on the replacement. The spade is not "connected" to anything as it is mounted to plastic, but looks original. The replacement altinator is identical to the original, except with a plain back cover, I replaced this with the original Lucas embossed rear cover. Graham
  3. We are always watching Escape to the Country. About 7 years behind mind you. my wife's Uncle and Aunt managed a pub in Derbyshire, building was from 1645 I believe, I just loved it. Graham.
  4. Beautiful building Jon, is that your home? Graham
  5. Did the UK not get the raised bumpers and rubber overriders in 75? Graham
  6. Graham J


    Derek, i will send details in a PM. Graham
  7. Graham J


    Derek, is there a place to register our TR's? I could not find one. graham
  8. Not British cars, but American Graffiti is my favourite. Christine is a bit out there. Smokey and the Bandit, anyone? Graham
  9. It would be great if someone with some photo editing skills could put together an image of first day and last day cars. I would be pleased to contribute pictures of my car. Graham
  10. Litespud, i will have to think of an appropriate name, not contentious if French, but I imagine it will be British. We are British born, our kids are Canadian born. They also use Nigel as a reference to British things. Graham
  11. Thank you all for your kind comments. New pictures added. Graham
  12. Martin, thank you for your estimate. I will definitely get a certificate shortly. Graham
  13. Hello John, i am about 45 minutes west fo Toronto. I would love to meet up if possible. I do not belong to any clubs yet, but the Toronto Triumph Club seems to be the large local one. Google it, see what events are happening while you are in the area. Post a topic, I am sure you will get a lot of positive responses from those a lot more knowledgable than I am. Graham
  14. Paul, additional pictures added. Not cleaned up yet though. Graham
  15. Derek, thank you for the production information, that is great news to me. Graham
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