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  1. Graham J

    Spring is in the air

    Must love it.. Landed there in the fall and hasn't moved since! The dragonfly on the shed, same thing, been hanging around there for 15 years or so.. Get's the afternoon sun. graham
  2. Graham J

    Spring is in the air

    I must be looking around the wrong corner!
  3. Graham J

    Seat foams, share a kit?

    nice one!!
  4. Graham J

    Seat foams, share a kit?

    Waldi, i have no idea of the origin, and I hope not to cause offence, but it relates to purchasing something, and two people pay half each. It is also a term used when two people go out for dinner, and they each pay their own bill, or split the bill. graham
  5. Graham J

    Engine Noise.

    Any chance of it being an exhaust leak at a joint? Graham
  6. Should have rotated the tires (tyres). Waisted opportunity!
  7. Graham J

    Juddery Clutch

    Possibly the tapered pin on the throw out bearing fork is broken or Bent. A TR6 that I recently drove had the same symptoms. The fork was cracked, tapered pin was bent. Graham
  8. Graham J

    TR6 Wiper motor 14W adjustment

    Probably the screwdriver!
  9. Graham J

    Bargains on the Bay

    I agree. I have remote control trucks as a hobby. The big move in recent years is to electric, what with the advances in battery technology. I have no interest in the battery ones, I so much enjoy tinkering with the gas(nitro) powered ICE ones. Love the noise, smell, and smoke! Graham
  10. Graham J

    Bargains on the Bay

    Electric Triumph for sale in Canada https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/oshawa-durham-region/classic-all-electric-triumph-tr6/1362661113?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true ...for when the petrol runs dry.
  11. Graham J

    Bag of spanners?

    Mick, It seems recommended that the old water pump be rebuilt as new ones are sub-par. Keep your old one, just in case. No personal experience. Graham
  12. Graham J

    Roll's eyes in a huff

    More likely in huff an hour.
  13. Graham J


    If you are paying other businesses to work on your restoration, you are most likely already spending the profit there is to be had. I think TR's restored to driver condition are restored for the pleasure of the activity and the enjoyment of the drive. It is a hobby, not an investment. All the best.
  14. Graham J

    Aspen Fuel

    I have heard that the fuel you purchase at marina's (boat) is or may be ethanol free. I do not know if this is the case everywhere.
  15. Graham J

    Jobs for 2018, hopefully

    Purchase my first TR (TR 6), hopefully.

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