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  1. Jeff Thank you for adding your experience to the post. Graham
  2. on the topic of Overdrive.... the OD gearbox i have is TS3900. i have not researched it yet, but I am guessing this will be an early non-synchro 1 st gear unit. Graham.
  3. I thank you all for your input to this topic. I have always liked "original", my TR6 is very much this way. This TR2 will be gently enjoyed as a pleasure vehicle for local use. I have decided to rebuild this TR2 back "as close as practical" back to original specification, with the addition of the O/D gearbox. Graham
  4. Rodbr, do you have the page that lists the numbered items? are these items OEM or aftermarket? Graham
  5. it would be so much easier to put it back together the way it came apart!! are all drum brake parts available? i do not have any of the insides. is the O/D gearbox upgrade fair game? should the Laycock diff be left? Where is the cut off for originality vs best solution? Graham
  6. Roger, To be honest, my absolute preference would be to rebuild to as original as possible. This vehicle will be for pure local pleasure use. It is this forum, and others that have "worried" me into performing these changes / upgrades. The tub is a replacement 58 or so (sloped rear floor), but i intend to convert it back to the TR2 spec as much as i can, including the wood dash support. I will change or convert the rear valance and front bulkhead also. I intend to put the aeroscreen mounts on also. The car currently has the complete original drivetrain - condition to b
  7. Peter, I have the TR3 B type mounting plates currently. i have a bunch of rotors, only two of the rotors are at original .500 spec, these are the smaller 10 13/16? size. i have 11" that are at .475. Hubs etc, yes, i have the full front clip from the TR3.
  8. very appropriate. Lest we forget. Thank you to all our veterans. Graham
  9. thank you all for your input. i have a full front clip from a TR3, "B" type calipers. I have TR6 calipers with 16PB markings. i also have a Girling TR3 rear axle available, if this adds to the conversation. Graham
  10. Mark, you can try 2 sockets and a vice. one socket large enough to accept the bush, the other one small enough to push through the eye of the spring. with at least four hands, get this all set up in the vice and gently tighten. May work. Graham
  11. All, I am working on a TR2 rebuild, and planning ahead. The TR2 has drum brakes all round. Original plan was to convert the front brakes to a disc set up from a TR3 front clip that came with the project. Further reading on the subject seems to recommend going from the drum set up to the late TR4 / TR6 set up instead. I am also hoping to keep under the bonnet original by retaining the combined brake / clutch master cylinder. I have Googled, and read the hits, mostly from the TR Register, but I found the threads to be a bit confusing with mixed opinions on the way forward.
  12. to each their own...but not loving the wheel flairs. Well presented though. The TR2 looks great! Graham
  13. Thank you Ralph, that is certainly the plan. I do have the TR2 rear valance as well, this will be used also.
  14. thanks Mike. i just looked through your gallery, nice work. i have similar work to do. Did you make that rotisserie? What about the door opening supports? Graham
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