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  1. Graham J

    Tonneau (again)

    Thank you Andrew and Roger. Any pics? I am going to a flea market tomorrow, I may be able to pick up what I need. Graham
  2. Graham J

    Tonneau (again)

    Thank you Andrew, is this a purchase and replace, or do you modify the existing mounts? Graham
  3. Graham J

    Tonneau (again)

    Old thread..but if a TR6 comes with a tonneau, with door snaps, but no pegs on the dash, what is the solution? Can the dash pegs be installed without disassembly of the TR? the tonneau has the rings on the front, as per Stuart's response. Graham
  4. Graham J

    A very long mile

    THIRD TIME!!! WOW! Ian is this all YOUR miles? which leads me to the question: What is the highest mileage TR around, or known of? List you your mileage ladies and gentlemen. Graham
  5. Outstanding to see young persons enjoying theses cars. Graham
  6. JJC, you need to take the lid of the jar first!! Graham
  7. Thanks for the laughs guys and gals. Great start to a cold Sunday in Ontario Canada. Where is Spring anyway? Graham p.s. Posting of a "spring"will NOT be appreciated! Well it would have been, but I beat you to it.
  8. You may want to put electrical tape on the far end. Very close to the + battery terminal. Graham
  9. Sell as eaches, one per package. I do not know what that will do to shipping costs though. graham
  10. Must love it.. Landed there in the fall and hasn't moved since! The dragonfly on the shed, same thing, been hanging around there for 15 years or so.. Get's the afternoon sun. graham
  11. I must be looking around the wrong corner!
  12. Waldi, i have no idea of the origin, and I hope not to cause offence, but it relates to purchasing something, and two people pay half each. It is also a term used when two people go out for dinner, and they each pay their own bill, or split the bill. graham
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