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  1. Pinky, I’ll take you an a trip to Ventor’s Crab & Lobster .... will that be sufficient?
  2. Pinky, I’ll take you an a trip to Ventor’s Crab & Lobster .... will that be sufficient?
  3. Hi All. Admin, if this post is not acceptable, please delete and accept my apologies. (TR Reg & TSSC Member) I’ve just set up a new Facebook Group aimed at drivers who love a road trip across Europe. It’s become my favourite past time, completing our 12th one last year and three more planned / booked for 2020. Just a group for like minded people, driving any car, to exchange ideas, plans and advice. I’ve looked for a group like this and found a handful of groups that are dormant with single number members ... So, I thought I’d give this a go ... Please come along
  4. Great trip and write up John - Thank you. When did you actually do this trip, what months ? We have done road trips over the years covering most of the places, roads and passes you cover here and they were all as wonderful as you describe. However, there’s a lot more snow in you pics of those passes than when we did them. We just completed a 24 night trip across Europe in the 4A covering 6 countries .... I need to get writing I think ...
  5. Hi, Sorry, where can I find this report ? Do you have a link to it please ?
  6. Ha ha .... note to self ... proof read prior to posting.
  7. I believe, although not 100% yet, that my scratching noise has gone. I ‘think’ it was the UJ on the near side rear axle. It was either that or that my wife wheels were not tight enough. Mine came only when turning right though, not left. One of my other threads (sorry, I appear to have hijacked the forum), was all about having to change this UJ whilst in France. I’ll need to do a little more driving around to be certain.
  8. Thanks Marco. I basically had two noises that I had originally thought were linked. One was a loud knocking when applying power to the wheels and a vibration between 50 & 70. That was 100% the destroyed UJ as all of that has instantly gone since the work. However, you are definitely right about the other noise. This is where initially I had not tightened the wheels enough after removing to look for noise & inspect UJ’s and then again after the garage had removed and replaced them too, not tight. The odd squelch noise didn’t go until I put some grease back on the splines
  9. Yes, I’ve been quick of late to moan about these suppliers on Facebook Triumph groups as some of the parts I’ve received for my cars have been pretty poor quality. I will post a positive post on these group pages today as it was an indeed excellent service for the Triumph community.
  10. Well Roger, it would appear from Paul’s post that the best all round and only spare to carry would be some attractive females .... that’s a spare that I don’t mind having in the back for years and years but fear I could ill afford !
  11. The garage fitted the wheels. Once I realised there was an issue with them I took them off and grease them. I fitted them back as tight as possible using the hammer. However, after 100 miles or so of up & down mountain passes & hairpin bends they developed a knocking sound around corners. I managed another half turn on them then with the hammer and that sound has since gone. It was your previous posts about how tight they should be and the need for good grease that made me even question if that was the issue when the noises started. Thank you !!
  12. I thought I’d just share our recent experience with other TR owners. This is just a tale of our French garage experience for your entertainment... Let’s be more precise ... what would you expect for €600 CASH ... or, as he explained in his rapidly improved English, €800 if you want a receipt ... And, yes I can walk you to the closest cash machine whilst your car is conveniently blocked in my garage. From my post pleading for help, you may have seen we were rather stuck in France with a seriously damaged UJ. We’re currently on the final legs of a road trip that has taken us from the
  13. Well, initially they simply didn’t answer the phone and we called about 15 times over two days. They have never replied to our email. At 2pm the following day we eventually got through and quoted them their part number that was shown as ‘in stock’ on the French website. They then said it would be 3 to 7 days as it is to come from UK .... Next call for us at 2:30 pm was to Moss UK.... it arrived 10am next day direct to garage ...
  14. Hi, I was the chap ‘stuck in France’ and can confirm that both Rimmers & Moss used Fed Ex.The chap we spoke to at Moss, when asked what the chances were of a next day delivery to South of France said “it’s a job for Fed Ex and no else”. Just to add, a pair of UJ’s delivered overnight (in under 20 hours) to Montpelier was £58 all in. I thought that was very reasonable. Rimmers updated ones were slightly more but still nothing compared to the cost of losing hotel booking and additional costs of staying more nights in Montpelier. Once we got to our next stop the car wasn’t runn
  15. Just an Update and thank you for all the posts and advice. Both sets of UJ’s arrived at 10am next day. Quite an outstanding service from both Moss & Rimmers. The message we left with the young assistant didn’t get to the mechanic as once he saw 4 UJ’s, he then went and changed all 4 on the axles .... 2 were only 6 months old so a lot of extra pointless work. I had even told him (and written down in French) that they were new ... Well, all done. He kept the car till late and ripped us off but we got going by 7pm. Our original plan was to do all 12 trips on B-Roads. It as it w
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