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  1. Eared and certainly greased on the splines. Aj
  2. Still a bit of a clonk but tightening them appeared to improve it. Just drove it over The Alps and it’s still running so hopefully nothing too serious .... although I still have another 1500 miles of road trip left ... including over The Pyrénées mountains ...
  3. Thanks Marco. I too have the toothed belt but I didn’t realise they’re designed to last ‘a lifetime’. I’m currently on a European Road Trip and have brought a spare one .... I will tighten up my wires tomorrow morning before we leave for Switzerland. I don’t have any means of torque testing them but I do have a big hammer ... Ciao.
  4. Hi all, I saw a lovely 4A for sale recently and as part of the description it said two things that I’d like to know more about. Thin Belt Conversion ? I’m assuming fan belt ? Mine is about 20mm wide so assume it’s not ‘thin’ but my car sounds a bit ‘old’ when idling ... why do a thin belt conversion ? Second was ‘Solid Driveshafts’ which the guy goes on to explain were ‘very expensive but no more clonks.’ I have a noticeable clonk that I assume is from the drive shaft after each gear change when engaging drive. If I’m extra gentle with the clutch I can eliminate most clonking. In the last MOT the guy said I had a little movement on shaft UJ but nothing to worry about but I’ve always assume this is the clonk. So, would a ‘solid driveshaft resolve this ... and how much is ‘expensive’ ? Just a new UJ wouldn’t be too much work or money. Thanks for any ‘education’ Andy (I wasn’t thinking of buying the car, although it did look lovely)
  5. You ‘used the chain ferry a couple of times’ .... WOW - that must be the two times it’s run trouble free this year
  6. Yep, first thing I checked but thanks
  7. Thanks Chris, i have a completely new blade fuse box, with about 20 fuses in it. They are in excellent condition so they're unlikely to be my issue. I think it’s the internal contact that needs a clean .... or a whack !
  8. Thanks I will ... although I might give them a clean up anyway and a spray of WD40
  9. Thanks Roger. Thanks Rob, that is an excellent description and basically what I have going on. They are both plastic bodies, so a lot newer than the one on the video. Inside there is a small contact and a solenoid. Looks like I need to do a bit of contact cleaning and look for any adjustment, etc. Cheers
  10. Hi all, TR4A with twin horns. They just make a clicking noise when the horn is pushed. So, I can assume the relay is working (it’s not the relay that’s clicking). If I push the horn I can feel the horn solenoid clicking in but nothing else. I took one apart but there doesn’t seem to be much in there. I couldn’t work out how they actually work. They appear to be quite new ( I’ve had the car 18 months). Any advice ? Is this common. I guess I hardly ever use them Thanks in advance Andy
  11. Hi, You won’t be disappointed if you come here for a classic car trip. Most of the major roads have been resurfaced over the past couple of years and we have some great roads. September is still a busy month but a lot less kids .... which is great and makes it the best month to come here ! Be sure to drive the full length of The Military road (once used on a Top Gear episode). It’s a great piece of road and the views can be stunning. If you post up dates you’re on The Island I will check to see if the island triumphs are having any meets / drives. There is no active TR Register here but we get together with The Islands TSSC and have some good trips around & get togethers. If you know Pinky here, then make contact with him. He’s good for organising a tour ! I’ll see him this weekend at the All Triumph Weekend and will mention this thread to him. With regards to places to stay. Cowes is great & a must for a visit. Make a day of it and see the beautiful yachts. It will be a bit more quiet by September (it’s currently Cowes week) but it is still a lively place. There are some great restaurants and bars there too. However, I’m not sure it’s the best place to stay. Places I’d recommend to stay.. Well, for me it would be Ventnor but I’m biased. Make sure you at least spend a day in this Victorian seaside town with its micro climate and to also do a visit to the Botanical Gardens here. A lunch at Steephill Cove whilst your ‘down south’ is a little secret place worth a visit. Other lovely towns to stay or visit are Yarmouth, Freshwater & Shanklin ... IMHO. Places to visit - Osborne House is pretty much a must. It’s a fantastic insight into Queen Victoria’s life here. The Victorians shaped the island and lots of places and towns are a step back in time. The Needles is a good trip out and depending where you’re staying, another reason to drive on The Military Road ... Cowes for The Island sailing hub ... be sure to wear your Red Trousers ! The main town of Newport is fine but don’t bother to go there for shopping and avoid it during rush hours.... although it’s hardly London traffic ! There are some fantastic places to eat and drink here and should you want a night out & a drink, the buses are reliable and run pretty late at the weekends. Not sure there’s anywhere you need to ‘avoid’. Sandown has a great beach but the town is struggling. Ryde town is full of some great antique shops but I’d avoid staying there. It has had some trouble in the evenings apparently. I’ll be in mainland Europe for most of September on a TR4a road trip myself. So sorry I’m unable to offer a tour but it’s an easy place to get around, just point your car in any direction and explore ! good luck Andy .... no links to Isle of Wight tourist board ...
  12. Thank you guys for the very informative replies. i will also do some forum searching for any further info in previous threads on this subject. Andy
  13. Hi All, Does anyone have recent experience of driving / staying in Rotterdam and Cologne ? From what I understand they now (2019) have strict emission laws and our older cars might be banned from both these cities. You’d think there would be lots of details about this online (there probably is) but most of what I’ve found is not in English. As part of our next road trip through Europe, we are arriving at Hook of Holland and planned to stay some nights in Rotterdam and then Cologne. We are leaving in a couple of weeks time but are only just booking the final hotels now. I did read somewhere ‘historic vehicles’ were excluded from the new scheme but I couldn’t find out what they classed as ‘historic’ ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Thanks guys ~ lots of things to consider and check tomorrow. i did stick my phone on video under there last night on a stick. Watching it I was concerned there seems to be a lot of oil on and around the gearbox ....
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