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  1. Twenty years ago I made the same mistake. I still have the lighter coloured one but sourced a good condition original tan item. Because the cover you have bought is aftermarket the manufacturer will have a different shade of tan. The factory colour is golden tan.
  2. Phil, MHP 387V is a US spec TR8, MHP 396V is a UK TR7 with a V8 conversion. MHP 404V is the first UK spec TR8 built at Canley. It was featured in the same episode of Top Gear as our cars in 2001. It was factory fitted with Spider trim. It was bought from auction by the brother of WAC 272S, both cars went to the Isle of Man for many years.
  3. Another TR7 FHC, also registered in Stoke on Trent on the 1st August 1979, HVT 744V, in Inca yellow was modelled by Corgi a few years ago.
  4. I have an excellent TR7 convertible shell for sale, no rot or rust, all wings, boot and double bulge bonnet excellent. In primer, needs paint and interior.
  5. The classic car show is on Channel 5 at 7pm on the 5th February, the first show features TR enthusiast Alex Riley with 2 TR7s, an early fixed head and his own convertible.
  6. Why has the valve broke. I had a bucket break on a newly rebuilt engine, from now on I will only use original buckets. Obviously it broke the top of the valve and wrecked the NOS cylinder head.
  7. Nice car, very well restored a few years ago by John Hampson and the 1st of the 18 UK production TR8s. Sold by the factory via BCA at Measham in 1981. Owned by Rimmers when it was painted graphite grey and used in their catalogue.
  8. Unipart own the ex Tony Pond car HRW250V,it was used by Unipart on the Himalayan rally after the factory stopped the rally programme. Still as it was when the rally finished, it was part of the Heritage collection at Gaydon but kept in storage. When ownership of Gaydon changed hands, the various Unipart cars(the 2 March Dolomite F3 cars etc) were moved to premises near the new Mini factory. They are in storage and weren't running the last time I saw them. I noticed that one of the March Dolomite F3 cars has now been moved back to Gaydon. A friend of mine owns the ex works Marina as used on the
  9. Alec, I was asked to do this event for the Ford Capri club, with the Professionals connection I thought they would want a Tahiti blue car. When I explained they didn't reply. As I have both colour cars taxed it would have been ok as its local.
  10. Ian, sorry about the delay, I should visit this forum more often. I always enjoy my visits. Doug Dawe did buy ex works TR7s from the factory. The most famous one was KDU 498N, Tony Ponds first TR7 rally car. Its shell was well worn after Tony had used it in 1976 before moving on to another 16 valve car OOE 938R, for that years RAC rally.
  11. None of the N registered press cars were actually used to advertise the TR7,the cars were supposed to be launched in 1975, as demand in the USA was so great the UK launch was postponed. When the car was eventually launched in 1976 all the advertising had photos of P reg cars. The most famous one is GAC 866P, if you check this number you will see it doesn't exist. This is because it is in actual fact GAC 866N with the suffix letter changed to make the car look new. Also the very first factory built prototype Sprint engine cars were in fact early ACG cars converted, the brother of KDU 367N is KD
  12. Roger, Alec, sorry but Ive just noticed this thread and haven't received your Email. My Email address is chris_turner53@hotmail.com. I think you are talking about Charles Goldings rally car which carried the family reg no MUC1D when used to great effect in the late 70s / early 80s. It was a Safety Devices shell supplied by Abingdon with a parts package but was never used by the factory. Like Ken Wood, Charles was helped by the factory(because of his family Triumph connections) but did not receive the same level of assistance received by Del Lines.
  13. Sorry about the delay Alec, you are right they aren't BL factory colours, they are British standard colours. Aircraft blue, signal red and Appliance white, most paint suppliers can mix the BS colours.
  14. Thanks Neil, been waiting for this programme.
  15. I was at the H+H auction when this car came through, I had a good look at it and the workmanship is outstanding. However it is not an exact reproduction of a works car. This car was built as a development of the factory cars in an effort to be competitive. I believe it failed to sell because there is no way to make a TR7 competitive with the Escorts which have had 40 years of continuous development. It was bid up to mid 40K which is a lot for a car that probably wont be used competitively. I must add that to replicate this car would cost a lot more than the asking price.
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