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  1. The car's back on the road and I can confirm that the needle flicker has been fixed. The speedo needle is now completely steady. So the cause of my needle flicker was a crack in one of the white plastic toothed gears inside the speedo. Hope this info is useful for anyone else trying to find the cause of speedo needle flicker.... John
  2. Hi Roger, Thanks for the info. I asked Speedy Cables and they dont sell parts but would overhaul it for £110. But in the meantime I got my Dremmel with a very thin diamond grinder tip and opened up the gear slots either side of the crack in the gear. This seems to have done the trick, and the worm drive now runs smoothly for the complete revolution of the gear. I will know for certain whether this has fixed the jumpy pointer when I get the car back on the road..... John
  3. Hello, does anyone know of a source of speedometer internal components? I'm looking for a small white plastic gear which is located inside the speedo. There are 2 gears inside which are worm-driven, and one of them has cracked, which I'm pretty sure is the cause of my annoying needle flicker. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has had the same problem? I discovered the cracked gear during my investigation into the needle flicker. First I checked the speedo cable, which was in good condition. Then I rotated the speedo drive directly into the speedo with an electric drill, and this gav
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