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  1. Greeting Gentlemen,

    Can anyone tell me the order when installing a Bosch fuel pump and filter on a TR6?  Does the fuel from the tank enters the pump first, then into the filter and than into the PRV? Or is it fuel filter first and than the pump, than PRV?

    If it is the pump first, do I need to place small fuel filter ahead of the pump?

    Much thanks to you all.


    1. stuart


      I fit large filter first then pump to PRV then to metering unit.


  2. Thank you Mr. Brooks. 2 Qs, 1. What is BL? 2. How Do I PM you? I bought the Brown Book, which is exactly like the Bentley book. In fact Bentley's photos are more crisp. Now I have Two.
  3. Does anyone have Mr. Neil Fergusons phone and email address, if so, may I please have it. Sam
  4. Will someone provide Mr. Neil Fergusons web site please. I dont seem to be able to find it. Thanks. Sam
  5. You guys are all AWESOME! 👍 The only regret I have for purchasing my PI here in the States, is that I didn't buy it in UK and not to be closer to you all. I appreciate your good words and help. Thank you,
  6. Thanks a lot Mike. Additionally, what type of engine information should I relay to the Metering Unit refurbishing company? eg, cam type, engine compression, and?
  7. Sorry, forgot to attach the photo
  8. I live in USA, the previous owner had dealt with Mr. Jones. What is the name of this brown book (see photo please)? I have also spoken with Mr. jones a couple of times and he seems like a very nice person. Other than that, thats all experience I have with Mr. Jones. I dont want to experience what the gentleman from (see below) Australia has. I found this post on Sideway-Technologies dated March of 2016. Two years ago I placed an order for a change over metering unit and injectors. These`were dispatched to Neil Ferguson and moneys paid upfront also freight costs paid. This has been
  9. Greetings Gentlemen, Im planning to remove my MU and send it to Mr. Jones to be refurbished; this is the easy part. Is there, or, are there a set of steps that I must follow when removing the MU? My intuition tells me that there must be particular steps that I must follow when reinstalling the MU back on to the engine? Im sure there are some of you whove done this. I appreciate your help and guidance. Thanks a lot, Cheers, Sam
  10. When I was writing my question I didnt see Mike's response. I gotta admit, I'm a bit aprehensive. Thank you all for your help. Cheers, Sam
  11. And how many people actually survived this procedure? Is it possible to, 1st, warmup the engine; 2nd, shut engine, then remove injectoe and place in the jar; 3rd, restart the engine and check for pattern? Should I remove spark plug wire to the cylender I'm checking?
  12. I want to check my injectors for spray pattern; I believe I have the push in type. I was told to remove one injector at a time, place tip in to a jar and check the mist pattern. How do I remove them Once removed, do I start the engine and let it run or have someone crank it without starting it? Do I remove the plug wire to the cylinder being tested? What should the mist pattern look like? Thank you all again Sam
  13. With the coil disconnected, engine not running, MU not functioning, and injectors not firing, where do the air bubbles go? I am imagining the fuel circulating between the pump and the MU. Thanks, Sam
  14. Thank you all for your help and comments. Cheers, Sam
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