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  1. I’m attaching a length of hose to the nipple then raising the nipple up about 5 ft. Attached to the top of the open bonnet. This makes sure no air isn’t baking sucked back in. But it that’s not my problem. Bubbles aside, I removed the caliper, and it’s in a bad way. Ordered two new ones.
  2. My front right caliper has started to have less effect. Car pulls to the left under braking and the front left wheel gets hot, right stays cold, after a couple of miles. I assumed either stuck caliper or in serious need of bleeding. I rigged a clear hose from bleed nipple clamped to top of hood, and dropping into a little container. Cracked the nipple and pump the brake, keeping an eye on the hose. All I’m seeing is very fine bubbles. More and more. The more vigorously I pump the pedal the more tiny bubbles come out. To the point it’s nearly foam. I PtFE taped the nipple t
  3. I’m an idiot. Finally got around to looking at this issue yesterday. No fluid in reservoir. What a fool. Not used to a clutch having any hydraulic parts so didn’t think to inspect it. Just assumed something solid had broken. Pleased I’m not stripping the car, but annoyed with myself as well.
  4. I gave that a quick try. It wouldn't engage 1st easy. And the car was in a slightly tricky position. Didn't want to kangaroo hop my way into the middle of the road. When the truck was an hour away I decided to sit tight and not make things worse.
  5. Weather is delightful today. Truck 45 mins away. Not a disaster.
  6. Many thanks Roger. Massive help. I'll get some research done and no doubt be back with questions.
  7. I'm pretty good with the spanners. Just the language being used needs research. Never played with clutches. in all the crappy manual cars I used to have, the clutches always held up. Also don't have lifting gear more than trolley jack and axle stands. But then neither do many other people fixing these things.
  8. Thanks James. Does that fit with the clutch gradually fading over a short time? Sheared pin sounds a bit more like its there, then it's not. But that's me guessing.
  9. cappedup

    Lost clutch

    Currently on the side of the road 10 miles from home waiting for a tow. Clutch pedal got progressively slacker after about 5 miles, when I decided to turn back I lost it altogether. Sat waiting for truck reading up on copper washers, thrust guide pins, gearbox out repairs. I was hoping for a nice easy cable that had slid trough its clamp bolt. Am I in for a hard time here?
  10. Bah... Boss Frog is out of business it seems. Real shame. http://www.bossfrog.biz
  11. Yes, Ive emailed them direct, see what they say. Thats my leading contender so far. It looks like it might be a touch tight for a 6"1' fella. The way the upright seems to slant across. I'm hoping for more photos from them. Difficult to tell how far forward it comes. Will update here. Thanks for the help guys. Appreciate it. edit, found some more photos searching around the web. Looks like it could be perfect.
  12. Ooh, HN9 in that picture looks interesting. Do we know anyone who has that item fitted? Difficult to tell how it sits and looks. Does the soft top still operate etc. Thanks Roger. Chris
  13. Thanks for your reply Mark. I drive my car around the state of New York, where pretty much every single other vehicle is 4 times the size of the TR. It can feel intimidating. Ive been driving cars and bikes long enough to know I'm vulnerable. So, the bar in my second listing is literally a cosmetic item? Without a diagonal I can appreciate how it will parallelogram with a corner force. But are we saying there is no point in spending $600+ on a bit of 2" tube the wrong shape? The Moss bar is not available, and I cant find a similar looking item. Any clues where I can look? I fully
  14. Are they all sold as cosmetic, because no one will put their name to how they have been fitted? Makes sense. I can see they are somewhat a 'piece of mind' item, but I'd rather have one in play in a roll over than not. Seems there are not many options around. I really like the look of this one, but isn't available - http://www.mossmotors.com/Shop/ViewProducts.aspx?PlateIndexID=65547&SortOrder=10 This seems to be most common, not available in Moss, but VB have them. http://www.victoriabritish.com/icatalog/tc/full.aspx?Page=162 I'm keeping my eye on EBay and CL. If a
  15. Oops, looks like I made a mistake, I measured my rims from outside to outside, not just inside the rim. If I subtract the probable 1/4" for each side, they will be 6".
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