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  1. Anybody have recommendations for a electric fan for "72 TR6
  2. I have changed brakes but pedal is still very hard, does not allow wheels to stop rotating at all, servo pads and master cylinder all new.
  3. Has anybody got experience of fitting a "Classic Driving Experience" power steering kit to a TR6 (1972) Including any problems fitting and using
  4. My TR6 1972 PI suffers from overrunning ( continuous) after ignition switch is off. I discovered that the fuel pump remains running after the ignition is off and only stops when I remove battery lead. 1/ If this is the problem where is the power connection error or 2/ Is it simply a pre-inition symptom. My wiring diagram seems to be complied with but looking for options. Regards
  5. Anybody know what these two spare wires go to, one brown the other white? cannot see on any wiring diagram fuse box tr6 '72 uk. ]
  6. Somewhat confused on the colour of the wiring to my fuse box , looking for help to check mine is correct and what are the two wires going nowhere and colours that dont match any wiring diagram.
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