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  1. Many thanks for your replies. This is most helpful. Have a nice evening
  2. Dear all I have problems to find the correct plug to the refill the gearbox. I have two bolts/plugs on the left side and don't know which one to use. I add some photos because it seems that the box does not correspond to the usual thing. I thank you for your help. Kind regards. Pierre
  3. Dear all I have trouble connecting the vacuum pipe to the nylon bit connected to the carb. Could someone direct me in the right direction. I have the slip on type vacuum pipe and stroberg zenith 175 CD carbs. Your help is most welcome. Pierre
  4. Hello Thank you for your comments. @Lebro I installed a new master cylinder recently. Unfortunately I did not drive the car since it was bought. The car seemed perfect at first sight but once home the problems started. Engine out new liners, pistons ,... and more. So I decided to change both master cylinders while redoing the engine. This afternoon used the vacuum system and pushed the pedal. (rear left side) and I had some results. Other story on the rear right side. @stillp please see above. I shall check now all connections if there is leak somewhere. Thank you aga
  5. Dear all I own a TR4 1962 left hand. I am in the process trying to bleed my brake system. I replaced the master cylinder and the stop switch. As the EZEEBLEED has no adapter and the general one is not working, I bought a system working at the calliper end sucking eventually the brake fluid. But this system sucks only air. When running the system and pushing the brake pedal nothing really happens. And the brake pedal is very hard to push. I apologise if this has already been addressed but during my browsing I did not find anything relevant. Are there any supplemental precautions
  6. Dear all Still continuing to finish my TR4 engine rebuild. I noticed that the heater valve adapter had been replaced by an non original tube and is seized in the cylinder head. I kindly request your help and tell me what thread is used (I guess 5/8-18) as I probably have to drill the item out. Many thanks for your help Pierre Junbglut from Luxembourg
  7. Dear all Many thanks for your comments which arrived so quickly. Happy to be part of your Register. Thanks again Pierre.
  8. Hello I am writing from Luxembourg and have following questions: The TR4 I bought built 30/06/1964 has commission number CT14457L and gearbox number TS 1875. The car is now on positive earth. I have some concerns but are not sure if I am right Looking at the restoration photos I noticed the car had US number plates and, correct me if I am wrong, normally US cars had neg earth (?) (minor problem) The gear box number seems to indicate it is a TR3 box (It has a straight gear lever). However the starter motor is a late one and bolt on tooth ring. Following are my que
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