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  1. I have a sykes pickavant hydraulic 15mt hub puller and i'm in wallingford if the hubs haven't been off for a while you may even struggle with that. I ended cutting one of the hubs off. I had tried pressing it off with a 100 mt brake press and that sucker wouldn't shift , once i had cut a slot in the hub it came off with a few hits cheers Steve
  2. s God i like you Guys you are Princes among men will let you know how it goes all the best Steve
  3. Final question i hope.... is the cam installation figure of 103 degrees ATDC or BTDC , assuming a clockwise rotation ??? hopefully that makes sense cheers Steve
  4. That's great thanks for the clarification ... knocked up a pointer at the weekend and have some alloy plate awaiting delivery to make a piston TDC lock so should be good to go, will send a few pics of the rig I really appreciate your help it would have been a real challenge without it so thanks again Gents cheers Steve
  5. That's great news, I really appreciate the help the forum provides, so many thanks to you all. Ian one last question though, is the degree disc secured to the cam so that you can check against movement ?? all
  6. ll Many Thanks for the information Gentlemen , it had been lurking in my spare boxes till lock down now working well. k Kind Regards Steve
  7. Am hoping that someone can help me out with this one Essentially i have the cam lubed up and in the bloc, the Vernier cog is fitted loosely but its the next part I'm checking on, The information from moss is listed below ... So would be correct in assuming that once i have confirmed TDC, I then advance the crank by 103 degrees at which point the no 1 Inlet valve should be at maximum lift. its worth mentioning that the head off and i do have dial gauges and mag stan .. have got this completely wrong .The crank gear was worn so the gears and chain have been replaced.
  8. Hi Everyone , have just finished rebuilding a speedo but can anyone help me to identify it . I do have different bezels and the glass is domed . Could anyone please throw some light on to what vehicle its off Cheers steve
  9. I thinks they may be heat treated. so drilling might not be an option ill try and see if i get a carbide through one or check one with my hardness files
  10. Hi Mick there should be no compromise in the ZDDP additive technology all of the oil Majors use different antiwear and anti scuff additive for use in CAT's so unless the the ant wear additive has been substituted reducing the ZDDP would mean the oil would unlikely to meet the API or ACEA requirement .Most of the formulations which meet API and ACEA specs will also have an FZG rating, with good oils meeting of 11-12, which at those figures will do the job ..Oils with and FZG 12 are absolutely fine in gear boxes . The balance is to ensure that the oil protects the valve train with out bo
  11. have had similar issues with Moss bearings and also with a lay shaft which had pitting but Moss replaced everything and this was a couple of yrs ago
  12. I went back to the seal and the join in the spring was hard to find, but consisted of a taper so that one end twists into the coils of the other end. I secured the seal in housing with spot of silicone sealer about 20mm apart around the circumference. The first seal i purchased on Ebay didn't have a lip that secured the spring The TR shop version held the spring securely so it was easy to fit with a couple of thin electrical screw divers.. bottom end and pistons done now just need to fit a new cam and setv the valve timing
  13. Many thanks to all, for your assistance regards Steve
  14. I had tried twisting the spring to unlock it but no joy i think the issue was the quality of the joint, which was very good . I loaded the spring slightly and after much twisting it came apart so many thanks Mick
  15. Good point Andrew, will check again . I am also assuming that the back of the seal faces the sump ? It would help if the instructions contained this information cheers Steve
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