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  1. Been thinking about getting one of these. Searched everywhere on this site but can find nothing! Have I come up with the wrong name or just looking in the wrong places? Any pointers much appreciated. Chris Porter
  2. Many thanks for all the good advice. Will get to work in a couple of days! Chris Porter
  3. Hi All, TR6 CR has developed a misfire. All plugs OK but missing "heartbeat" on injector pipe to no. two cylinder. Held injector in a jam jar while Mrs P. turned the engine over (with ignition key!) but nothing came out. I've had the car for 20+ years but injectors are something I've never messed about with before. Looked at Rimmer's online catalogue and got a bit of a shock at the price of replacements (even refurbished ones) if I was to replace all six. TR6 Haynes manual states a blast of compressed air may clear, but that's all. Any suggestions much appreciated. Chris Porter
  4. My TR6 hood was described as "mohair" when I purchased the vehicle, many years ago. Its not "mohair" in the sense of long ago mohair suits - more like a black canvas. It needs a good clean and Auto Glym has been suggested. However it has some chalk like marks on it that I can't get out - looks more like wear than anything outside having made the marks. Any ideas? Anyone had anything similar? Any help much appreciated. Chris Porter
  5. Many thanks for the numerous suggestions and advice - I've decided to go for a silicon gasket, which is now on the way. Chris
  6. Some time ago I bought a smart looking alloy rocker cover however I can't stop oil leaking from between it and the cylinder head and making a mess. I've just bought another cork type gasket but these seem more suited to the original type rocker cover which has an edge to hold it in place. I've also used joint sealants along with the gasket. Tightening the bolts just seems to squeeze the gasket out. Has anyone else had this problem? Would a paper thin gasket be better? Or just a good sealant - and what's the best sealant to buy? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Chris Porter
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