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  1. There are any number of mechless Chinese stereos available with very shallow chassis and very cheap for example: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Radio-Bluetooth-Stereo-Player-FM-MP3-USB-AUX-IN-SD-In-dash-IPod-Head-Unit/202975120237?hash=item2f42428b6d:g:WEkAAOSw3axeopU~ the only thing it doesn't do is DAB.
  2. I've only driven it back into the garage but that seems to have done the trick! Shredded my hands mind you!! Thanks Howard 👍
  3. Thanks Howard I ordered one and will have a go as and when it stops raining 😅
  4. Firstly I fitted new (to me) seats, swapped the runners from the existing seats. I'm guessing the seats were early ones as there were no wires from the base of the passenger seat for the seatbelt warning. They fitted easily enough and I found myself sitting higher as expected, however I also felt slightly "lobsided". Are they the same (and I'm stupid) or should I look for later seats? Secondly, my accelerator pedal seems to be binding in the initial movement, worse when warm, so much so it's hard to pull away smoothly without sounding like a boy racer... the carb end feels ok it seems lik
  5. Ok so the answer was, someone had spliced into the wiring and set the rear demist switch as a cut out. You would have thought the guy who sold it to me would have mentioned it! Anyway, onward and upward...
  6. thanks, but no.. one day it worked, the next - nothing I have called in an autospark, I was losing the will to live. I'll post the results as I find out.
  7. Thank for your help chaps 😁 So the result is that the battery, starter and solenoid are all good .. not sure if I'm happy or not! So now I need to find a break in the wiring, can anyone tell me which terminals be live with ignition on and with key turned to starter? Trying to trace the wires is a nightmare, I have a diagram which helps a little.
  8. Thanks but it's a relatively new battery. Little dimming of the lights when the key is turned... if it stops raining I'll put jump leads on it and see if there's any life Maybe Wednesday.
  9. Thanks for the prompt reply There's nothing at all.
  10. Hi Guys I've only had the car a few days, it's was going well than one day I went to it and everything looked ok, all the dash lights came on but on cranking the key, nothing at all, no clicks no nothing. The battery looks ok there's decent voltage and everything else looks to work I've swapped the starter motor relay with no success. I'm a bit of a novice so I'm looking for suggestions please. Thanks Simon
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