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  1. Ken, the car (still) looks brilliant...... But, the tyre walls look over tarted up... Have you been polishing away at them?
  2. Thanks Tom, just found them... and belatedly seen Roger’s update... I could not see how you made the link from lantern Cheers both
  3. Thanks Roger, I will try and google them down.... Apparently/ maybe the entire pop-riveted stem is available (somewhere) that would be ideal
  4. Currently over in Holland, my (TR3A owning) brother in law has got this problem with old Alvis headlamp vibrating and not happy with this bodge. Anyone know if / where could be properly repaired or, even, replaced? Thanks, Tony
  5. Tony_C


    Only just sent you message! Late 4A ‘E Reg’ ... Can post few more pics?
  6. Tony_C


    Good to talk to you John, here’s few photos after quick hose dust down... Not brand new anymore but also not to shabby?
  7. Yes just found it.... Mobile is 07909 737531 Terrific work
  8. Hello Jeffrey and welcome. In short... Yes, send back the rebuild kit (it will undoubtedly be Chinese or similar repro anyway) and get the ‘absolute expert who’s name has momentarily left me’ to rebuild better than new at less than price of kits and or replacement.. Others will surely be along soon with name and contact details otherwise, I will send once I remember.
  9. Tony_C


    John, I’ve got window and complete (with mirror and sun visors) frame that needs a good home = You! (Photo is only surface rust and cobwebs - Honest John!) However, don’t think this is what you are looking for? - To find anything else wont be quick or easy I’m afraid.
  10. Lotus 7 on steroids......?!
  11. Good thread Tom... I was still a teenager (couple of years ago now?) when I had my first 4, I thought it was brilliant from almost every angle but, always wanted to ‘bolt on the 6 rear end’..... Won’t do it now obviously and even at the time think I was in a minority of 1? Mechanically: Even after lots of years and quite a few other cars, including ‘exotics’, I still think the sidescreens are so well balanced as they came off the production line; eg, engine is about right for the handling, brakes etc ............ There’s a great quote on the Lotus Elan forum (John is not the only guilty party - I loved mt Elan when it was on song) “Don’t pay GBP X for a tatty elan when you could have a TR3A.... Handling is overrated anyway”............
  12. Crawfie, this is what I did with all my kids when they were very small (in the 3A) but, would not necessarily recommend as best practice..
  13. Still looks OK ............ In a couple of places...
  14. Hello Clifford, Welcome to the Forum.... You’ve got one of the worlds all time greatest cars... so, I would say, fit whatever wheels best suit you! The real ‘expertise’ will hopefully be on the way shortly.. In the meantime here’s my tuppence worth; for the 3A silver painted was the common option (don’t think chrome was an option - that was more for Jag’s, Astons and the odd pretentious MG) Definitely I’ve seen early side screen cars with painted wires and, fully agree with you, painted on the 3A also looks great... In the meantime, don’t be in any doubt that you have come to the best source of information available here at this Forum
  15. 63,000 miles and GBP 21,000 perhaps? .... If it’s 63k then they appear to be all tough old miles!
  16. Some decimal points out of place here Hamish?!
  17. Tony_C


    Never seen, heard or knew about that...... However, I recall a story that Lord Black’s wife got involved with the ‘interior type design’ of a few of the early side-screen cars (wasn’t that where the magnolia etc colour schemes originated from) is this also her input? Is that an ‘original radio’?... If so, bet they were also rare as the proverbial rocking horse... Doesn’t look much for GBP 30:00 back in the day
  18. Ooops.... I was feeling ‘brave’ after a glass of wine in the knowledge that Melbourne is quite far away.... We’ve got some really good friends in Melbourne and love visiting Oz. - Our oldest pal for about 30 years, Janine Allis, can be feisty... Sure your ‘darling wife’ is nothing like that? Cheers Tony (really looking tforward to Ashes tomorrow - I think!)
  19. Just to clarify... Are you looking to change the handbrake or the wife?
  20. Brilliant Peter, Always known my Stromberg cars were more robust than my highly strung Weber cars........... Now Ive got an inking as to why Thank you.. and for all your wider contributions on here Tony
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