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  1. Looks like you could drive the white one home... even really enjoy it in the summer! Thanks for posting Ijonsson, presume “starting bid” means price will go up.... rather than accepting an offer on that price? - If you don’t ask you don’t get.. How far from Copenhagen? We are over next week and planning to cross the bridge into Sweden - Skol!
  2. Hi James, just for info here is my original relay been working fine since November 1960 (really was one of the very last off production line)... It was showing it’s age (before I cleaned it up!) but I no longer believe it was the culprit!
  3. Now I’ve REALLY done some damage.... Correctly re-wired by the book (or so I thought) did not get any click(s)..... Just returned, albeit few days later, to try different relay and found this ( could have been even worse) ignition and overdrive both off with car in neutral - Time to look at this pesky solenoid but all the heat appears to have been generated at the relay?
  4. That’s Ernie Cole’s old car... We all (well both) ran rough old 4’s but that one was much tired err than most - Fun times though!
  5. Oiy Crawfie! The reason for posting such profound post here was fully in the realisation that many of the deepest thinkers and ‘sharpest pencils in the TR Box’ had left other areas of the forum (ref evidence Peter’s Post above) following the BoD ‘Shennanigans’. Why am I no longer so sure?
  6. Just had a random thought...Or, is it in fact a fact...... The World is a better place when your TR is running well Thinking it further, much has changed over my 40+ years of ownership.... But, the above has always remained a constant
  7. Paddling and or sandcastles?
  8. Tony_C


    Ha, I’ve been to many of the test grounds (even MCG) but not Durham, always looks fantastic very picturesque next to the castle; that was where Shane Warne got spooked by a ghost The ashes are always special.. would be good if we can now carry this form throughout?!
  9. Tony_C


    Hello Geoff, what’s your asking price? Where are you based? When did they last work? Thanks Tony
  10. Tony_C


    Hi John, - you up late enjoying the cricket?
  11. Tony_C


    Briefly slot into 2nd (gear) before engaging first and reverse.... should work a treat and good practice anyway on the side screen box; correct Z320, no synchro on 1st and R
  12. This is great Deggers,..... Original and all the better not to be tarted-up.. Not for me to question Leonardo’s Artistry and Creativity but............. Does anyone else agree she’d look so much better Topless? (After all... All side-screen cars should only ever have hard top on if rallying in the snow, not when the sun is shining!? - That roof adds nothing imo)
  13. Thank you Tony, Really appreciated, I can confirm that I’m in much better shape after finding and reposting your diagram... In that I now know where I have to be with the wiring, once I have done that correctly I reckon I’m down to the following: Relay (Got original 3A, later 4A Original and new ‘Chinese) - Hoping to salvage one of the originals Check oil level (Don’t think so but will certainly check) Check solenoid (Least preferred but most likely?) Just as an general update - Or, in fact lack of one - Best laid plans were scuppered over the weekend when I got involved with sanding oak floor....... Gosh its hard! (And doesn’t help when you get 50/50 chance of buying the correct size of belt ....) Tony
  14. Thanks Rob, - that is a very good link and DOES bear some resemblance as to how mine is wired (ammeter to C1 on the relay etc) Thanks also Rod, - yes, at least initially I did get the click when in 4th when switching. However, further ref the ‘incompetent meddling’ above, I noticed that the original relay looked superficially at least rusty so jumped to this root cause conclusion and replaced with 4A one I had hanging around - this one had more terminals and I stuck wires on without properly checking or seeing what was C1, W1 etc.... Further to my shame, I waited until relay (and wires) got hot before realising and owning up on here... That’s why I’m going back to basics, once I’m 100% wiring is correctly back in place I can trouble-shoot from there!? Again, thanks so far... hopefully, I will plod a bit further tomorrow
  15. Basis not wanting to hijack John or any other thread on same subject and suspecting my own issue is 99% down to my own increasingly incompetent meddling... I’m looking to go back and start from absolute basics.. Therefore, can anyone confirm this is the correct wiring for late 3A? If so, perhaps also worth asking the question: How come mine had previously worked faultlessly for the 40+ years I’ve had the car... When the wiring set-up bears little resemblance Thanks, Tony
  16. What’s the copper squirly copper pipe all about T Rusty? And.... you better be careful if the fluid does squirt out..... It will go all over that immaculate carpet and or/ the black cat!
  17. OK.... On a final, final note.... Interesting that the percent of flat grills on this thread are almost exactly proportional to the same old flat earth believers brigade.... Believe me, the earth is not flat... Ive sailed around it a few times and never gone over the edge! This is clearly a much, much, much bigger issue that needs to be addressed.... Namely, If this was the ‘wind-up window section(s) of the forum then this would never happen: “Of course Michelotti with his Italian flair for design would not be questioned, same for the ‘6’ who would ever doubt Teutonic efficiency... However, when a couple of Brits design the original side-screen cars, with no budget, on the back of a beer mat down the pub getting the gentle curves on the grill so perfect from every angle you could look - why will some never move past “flat”? On a serious note to finish Don, you will surely be aware that this grill was originally known as the ‘Dollar Grin $$$$’ and everyone who drove the car how it was meant to be driven managed to shunt the front end, usually sooner than later...
  18. This is Tony back with Q & A... First the question: Why oh why OH why am I coming back to this on a gloriously sunny Friday afternoon back ‘home’ in Surrey? The only semi-reasonable answer I can think of is that a proper - as per subject title - anorak question requires the suitably correct ‘pendantic anorak answer’ to bring this to closure(?)! Therefore, ref Don’s pictures above (very and conclusively clear in his middle photo) and all the other photo evidence that original grill DOES curve - albeit marginally - inwards, both vertically and horizontally, towards the middle...eg lay an original (unmolested) grill face upwards on a flat surface and both ends, towards the side-light fittings will be noted to be curled upwards.. Or, equally as per below photo, if you do not have the time or inclination to detach the grill from the car a spirit-level (so long as you are not at sea on a boat etc) is also conclusive.
  19. Fantastic Roger, - Ive been lucky / privileged to have travelled just about the whole world but, imo, nothing beats some parts of Scotland.. on a good day and specially in a TR Buy you a beer Sunday and you can perhaps tell me more about it all? Cheers, Tony
  20. No, the original grills were curved - I’m sure of that.. Originals were rare as hens teeth even by the late 1970’s, (if you didn’t crash them then the starting handle used to do the damage) ‘flat’ reproductions were obvious to see at the time.
  21. Got it... Thanks Bob and Alan.... An hour of WD and the 60 year old spring like new!
  22. On the premise “a picture is worth a thousand words”... Anyone know how I might best get the button separated so as to get the switch back into the dash from behind? Is (carefully?!) drilling the steel pin out after all these years the only option? - You can see I have already taken small chunks out of the baker-light... I got it out by dismantling the switch but putting that back together in situ is definitely least preferred option! On a final note, replacement (I have found) are total garbage; are ‘originals’ available? Thanks all in anticipation, Tony
  23. Welcome Mac - You will get it sorted now on here.... Further the post above from Bill, I was going to throw ‘hoses’ into the mix this morning.. Definately worth x-checking and ruling out, they can still look good from the outside but cause all sorts of grief if even one is collapsed inside.. I learnt that the hard way! Final note to Bill, not to hijack thread, don’t suppose that was you in the 3 around noon Sunday around Woodmansterne? - Only caught a glimpse but looked like really well sorted original..
  24. Agree John! ... Don’t ever underestimate our ‘Kiwi cousins’, they are tenacious resilient and great ‘can do’ mechanical engineers..... I used to rally against Alisdair Caldwell - he came over from NZ and got a job sweeping the floor (so he tells it) and became head mechanic at McLaren in the glory days.... Tough, tough competitor who could fix anything, from the mundane to the exotica, on the side of the road using only his initiative...
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