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  1. Last summer - another world away....
  2. Hello Nick, Yes that’s definitely Ernie, he is in both photos; first one next to Neil, next to the keg of beer.... I think that maybe Dave Squance checking on the kids - possibly Marcus and ? Sue and Neil? Think its Debbie, Earnie's then long suffering girlfriend and latterly (hopefully still) wife, side on in the second photo and back to the first one.. Cannot be sure but I also think that might be my right hand with the 3/4 full pint and left ear in the first photo (Ernie is blocking me out) ... Don’t recall I was particularly interested in what Neil was opening but, I would have remained in the vicinity of the Keg! Did you used to drive a (very rapid) 5 in those days? - Got a memory like a sieve but do remember some great times; with Dave Brown as ‘social secretary’.. Cheers Tony
  3. Interesting and or useful................... ? Yep, suppose it works on all fronts.......................... .......................(Wouldn’t have said that a week ago though!!!!!!)
  4. Tony_C


    Oi, I’m reading this having my breakfast!..
  5. I also expect many will know this: Where did the word ‘posh’ originate from?
  6. Didn’t know that JOhn..... But, kinda obvious now.... I got stuck on the Fact the TV is older than the bottle!.. Dutch quality,..... which Brings us neatly back to The Netherlands?
  7. You know why now....... Because I did not have a clue!
  8. Rob you astound me!........ That is amazing!.......... I was taking a punt.. For 30 years I have been married to a Dutch lady, 6 or 7 years previous to that when we first started going out she asked me why we called them Dutch. Until now, I have never been able to answer; I’ve met more than my share of ‘know it all’s’ around the world with a particularly high percentage in Holland but, None of them have ever been able to come up with answer to this....... You are a scholar sir.
  9. Why do ‘we’ call people from Holland - Or, more technically correct, The Netherlands’Dutch’? (No clues on this one)
  10. Hi Roy, No, but for what it is worth, way back in the day when used to do everything on a what’s available budget basis (some things actually don’t change that much) I did my 3A stipple effect with ‘Hamerite’... still looks fine.... albeit not entered in concours.
  11. Fair enough John..... However, this is something extraordinary- certainly never experienced in my life time - and I therefore think we have to realise and appreciate how important it is, not only to show appreciation, but to bring people, neighbours and family together at this time....... Like everyone, I’m not currently seeing my wider family and as per previous post the nieces and nephews are all doctors working god forsaken hours with Dad (also a doctor) seriously ill...... The instant messaging / togetherness just makes you feel good even tho we are all clapping at other ends of the Country: You cannot knock that.
  12. Yeah, great to see you back Pete..... Back to your post......... No, never seen anything like that.... How?..... Only in Texas!
  13. Yes, look after yourself Derek..... Just been out on the drive clapping like mad (really proud of all the NHS Doctor family members and the lot of them).... fair to say, it has not got off to a flying start in our village..
  14. Feeling really guilty, ashamed of myself even..... I’ve had and loved my 3A for over 40 years... But, quick glance at this page and if I’m brutally honest it would only make the top half .... Comments.....
  15. Nah, not having it......... Ivan has only been to two places in his life, both inside just a obscure region of one single country...... Bet he never even got out of the cab at the cold end of the track!
  16. As always John, good points very well made.... Now.............. Just as you are calming down,........... Did you all notice that the post that kicked this all off (Poor old Mick again - The only Director who will ever stand up to be counted on here and really good on him for it!) Quoted the very same Daily Newspapers we all established here (even Derek!) are ‘The Enemy’; Mail, Express... Sun should only ever be used for / fit for that pace where it don’t actually shine......
  17. Impeccable source Rob...... ‘Of all the bars in all the World’.... not many are seedier that the ‘Blue Parrot’ down a Voula backstreet in Greece (Sure Sue will know it well) That is where this gem of information came from....
  18. Made me chuckle ....... Is his mum, the Queen, giving him the royal wave? Shouldn't Andy be in the other naughty corner? (And that’s not Fergie he’s goosing!) ............. Although, she appears to be enjoying it!
  19. Very good Roger,........ Did you all see the clip of the Mum taking home schooling really seriously for the two days?..... Teaching the kids ‘Fractions’..... It involved a couple of bottles of white wine and a very large glass...You probably get the drift or, we could start posting them as appropriate on here?
  20. YES John.... and I guess, Yes Ian.... he didn’t walk all those miles... Well done again John, clue was not cryptic enough!
  21. Yep, nothing new here.... Here’s the cryptic clue...... ‘Boaty Mc Boatface’
  22. Back to the ‘most travelled person fact’.......... You’ve all got to get your feet back on the ground! (Nothing to do with space; one person, who you all know, has travelled more across our planet than anyone else, ever........ Another clue coming in an hour or so (maybe cryptic)
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