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  1. Needs a little fettling but, no way 1964 built!...... More like 1960, not even close to end of production run..
  2. Thanks Keith, - just turned tv on to watch out for that and BBC 2 ‘Celebrity Antiques programme’ has dark blue 4A with wires and very shiny SYK 313F reg no (other car is BRG MGC
  3. Original old Dynamo, heavy and over engineered but still...albeit occasionally only just about... always reliably doing what it was made for and never a ‘Load Dump’. Just saying....
  4. Bit late me coming in... (half time at rugby) .... Tom - as usual - is spot on.... I’m running with original pos earth and dynamo and.... so far so good.
  5. Hi Bob, - Stick the ‘old generator’ back on... So long as you retained the original dynamo, suggest put it back as manufacturer intended.... Mine is all original as left factory and never given any grief in40+ years of use, abuse and neglect........ Don’t think you will find many posts on here (or anywhere further) of owners having issues with the original set-up compared to all the woes and knock-on challenges of ‘upgrading’ with substandard after market poorly manufactured .. (carefully choose your own word here)... Just my tuppence worth
  6. As always....... Some really good stuff here. However, can’t only be me.. getting the box out is a doddle compared to getting it back in... If it doesn’t line up first time, you can be in for hours of fun?! Good luck with it Tony
  7. Yes Roger, I agree with John here.. These engines are incredibly robust.. I remember finding similar to you 30+ years ago and initially being very concerned, bit of poking round as far as you can get with an old pointed welding rod followed by a flush through and everything Has been fine ever since.... I definitely would not jump straight to worst conclusions and start rebuild basis only bit of sludge...... (You are probably better off than majority in that the sludge hasn’t even gone rock hard yet!) Agree with Rich though that the Tap is a bit of a waste of time... However, it’s handily located to get your welding rod / latest weapon of choice into the known bottle-neck in the cooling waterway. Good luck, I think you will be OK... and well done for having the energy and enthusiasm to tackle this in Winter! Tony
  8. Leave it another week and it will be down around the hundred quid mark!?
  9. Thanks Mick, Appreciate your prompt response. However, this does not appear right on any number of levels........ To name a couple: As per article and all other evidence, Club Directors and employee(s) knew what was going on way back in 2018 Further the above, Club sat and did ‘nothing’ ... Roger just beat me to it, not expelled, nothing of the sort....
  10. Hi Mick, Thanks. However, can you clarify.. Since when? Tony
  11. Hello Chris, welcome to the Forum. You don’t say, do you know when (year) it was sprayed BRG and what type of paint (cellulose etc) and how many panels affected? I’m not an ‘expert’ but, in my experience, this is 99% of the time down to something not covered in the preparation..... If it’s any consolation, I had my 3A sprayed (cellulose and original [I used to be much more sure about this - Bill Pigott!] Signal Red, half a dozen tiny blisters appeared in quick time... However, they have never got any worse; Ive done much worse in the meantime.... Don’t let this spoil the enjoyment of owning and Driving something special!
  12. Happy Birthday Wayne (albeit belated).... However, the issue here is BOD have ‘closed - and not sure bolted - the door way after the horse has bolted’ ..... Fact is from RedTom posting Members and enthusiasts are still being ripped-off.. On a final note, again, not impressed that BOD will not step up to engage and take ‘ownership’ here. Kind regards Tony
  13. Roger, again, you have made the crucially good point. Now, and by further copy to all, what can we effectively do about it? - If we just wait for A. Westbury and chums to read this and ACT on members (and all decent TR drivers) behalf, I’m afraid we will be waiting for ever..... Do we have a mechanism to ‘encourage’ (I’m lost for the right word here) the BOD to start acting as correctly fitting and carrying out the role they are in place to do? On a final note, by copy to BOD, if I’ve got hold of the wrong end of the stick; still appreciate to know what, where and how?
  14. Looks a bit of fun... Cannot begrudge them that (Do none of you remember the terrible things we used to do to ours back in the day (or, was that only Apple County?) However, I don’t understand starting with what appears such a good original example?
  15. Don’t even think about it Hamish........ You would regret that for ever and a day
  16. Lucky you don’t get ‘man flu’ Sue?! Seriously,......... look after yourselves all of you
  17. Hi John, Many, many years ago I ran mine out of alignment, everything was ‘fine’ for ages, the tipping point finally came when the overdrive dropped out and I carried on at ridiculously high revs leading to the woodruff key shearing (Cat Tunnadine towed me miles home - he was a good guy 40 years ago!).... In hindsight, tell your pal, it would have been prudent for me to shim / sort the dynamo alignment (in my case)
  18. Fun to watch even if you have never tried the rally... If you have, you will see some things change but not others...
  19. Cannot do the ‘thumbs up’ due to John being a (head) mod but, this is absolutely the way to go, whatever else you try put loads of liquid washing up liquid top and bottom then do what you have to do wriggling on both sides.... It went in therefore it really should also come out
  20. Tony_C

    TR2 prize

    Smart lady! Anyone remember the period shot of Miss World in the car with Stirling Moss?............ Reportedly, (OK it was actually a caption competition) she said to him something along the lines “So Stirling you were never actually a World Champion!
  21. Well done Colin, - your wife sounds lovely! You’ll be amazed and impressed with the power and performance of a side screen TR compared to any of the pre-war cars - we can keep up with most moderns within ‘legal’ limits. As per my Nov 7 post, that was my first and positive observation.. much better and rare you can find a car that has not been molested and bodged over the years of changing ownership good luck and enjoy... keep us posted tony
  22. And it’s not been messed around with / molested over the past 40 years... Looks like it could be very original one?
  23. Neil Revington and me lost somewhere in Berlin, in 3VC..... (We co##ed this particular rally up also in full colour!)
  24. Yes Peter, best wishes and sympathies from me also..... Don’t think any any of us went into TR custodianship knowing or expecting where it might ultimately lead.... We are all on the same path, just at different cycles, I’m hoping long term ownership can only help make us more resilient in whatever small way, you can say if that is all total bol###s
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