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  1. Spoke to one of the guys here on phone- Dave. Fabulous guy. Offered to have a look but scheduling conflict. Tons of good advice. You guys are great. Joining the Register now so I can actually meet some of you folks in person. After all your good wishes and supportive messages and offer of help, I am now more resolved than ever that the TR 6 is NOT going to junkyard and will be driven this Summer, proudly! Come fall, she will go to a garage for total beautification and mechanical overhaul. I will keep you posted, with pictures. Thank you and God bless you all.
  2. Guys, all your kind and helpful comments have more determined than ever to get the car fixed properly. I am told the body is a good B and everything in the car is original. So I will contact the three garages mentioned above and see who will take it on and I sure want to drive it before summer is officially out. Wish me luck and I will keep you posted. Thanks again and all the best. You guys have been fabulous.
  3. What can I say. I am touched by your generosity with time and kindness. I will contact these garages, to see who will take it on. I am now more than ever determined NOT to get rid of it. Hopefully, with someone who knows these cars looking at it, it will be running again. Even if I just catch the last of the summer sun in it. Thank you and thank you everyone who has responded so kindly.
  4. Thank you Sir. I have posted the 'list' above. I am in Wokingham. I just want to drive it and not give in to my wife's constant demand to send it to a junkyard.
  5. I am not sure if this is the best way to respond to your message so forgive me if it is annoying to all. Thank you for the warm welcome and advice. I will be sure to contact Protek with the list of problems and see if they would/could help. Thanks again, Jayhawks
  6. Thank you kind Sir. I will contact them first thing tomorrow.
  7. Guys, I am so grateful. and overwhelmed at the same time for your very kind replies. I am in Wokingham, Berkshire. The list of problems as the guy said are (apparently he gave up listing when it hit page 2!). He replaced the battery and put some Fuel System Cleaner which he said would help. I tried this morning, it would start, run even but keeps mis-firing. So left it there. Injector problem (no. 2 injector not working). Temperature not working, Clutch Pad + Cap U.S. (which he tells me means unservicable). Thurst Bearing Noisy, Slave cylinder leaking. Body: O/S Door window winder not wo
  8. Greetings. I am not only a newbie here, I know virtually nothing about cars, let alone TR6. Two years ago, on a whim, I bought a 1971 TR6 with overdrive. The guy who sold it drove it and it drove ok. He did say that the fuel injection system needs looking at by someone from 'that era'. I had it MOTd, insured but didn't drive. Now it wont start. Had battery replaced and it was looked at by some one from that era but he won't do the work. Says it is too much. He gave me a list of things wrong. I don't want to sell it for parts. Please can anyone recommend a honest guy with the knowledge to fix i
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