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  1. Thanks all for picture and details, I'll have another look (hopefully) over the weekend.... Hood arrives next week, hopefully that will be a simpler fit!
  2. Thanks Stuart, I have the picture in the catalogue but I can't correlate the profile of the rubbers they have sent to the picture....
  3. Hi, I've trying to work out how the two piece seal for the cantrails that I've got from Moss fit the hardtop. Could anyone take/have a photo showing the profile. It seems to have no relation to the picture in the catalogue. I have two rubbers plus some furflex. It looks as though the rubber should be compressed between the cantrail and the hardtop, but the profile is not wide enough and has a raised edge that I cannot see will fit correctly/flush? Thanks in advance
  4. thanks the bores are in good condition. I think I'll try a refurb kit from PastParts rather than the Moss one I have
  5. Hi I'm refurbishing the master cylinder on my TR2, once I put the front plate on, the springs don't have enough 'spring' to return the piston when pushed in. The rubber seal at the end of the pushrod by the end plate seems to be the offending item, really, really tight to fit. Is this just a poor fitting repair kit or am I missing something/they are meant to be like that? Both sides are the same I've lubricated with fresh brake fluid etc, and the rest has gone together fine Also the bellow seems to have two retaining rings, I assume this are no longer available so was thinking I coul
  6. Thanks very much, what I envisaged so I'll get something made up
  7. Hi all, a bit of advice on my TR2 rebuild, on the old rear valance there appears to be a fixing plate for the rear lights, I can't see anything any of the parts books, is this something I need to make? I assume it sits behind the valance/wing. The one on the car has disintegrated so it's hard to see how it goes....
  8. H, does anyone have a photo of the front wing, bulkhead sealer and plate in situ they could share, mine had rusted away and I want to make sure I'm fitting it correctly. It seems as though I need to bend the plate to fit to the bulkhead and then trim the rubber to fit nicely around the profile of the wing? I've only got the parts catalogue as a reference and the holes in the seals don't appear to totally align with the holes I have in the panel Thanks
  9. Thanks for the advice, they've come apart fairly easily and cleaning up ahead of reassembly
  10. Hi, does anyone have any experience of home refurbishment of leaf springs. Can I just 'undo' the retaining tabs and bolts (albeit held in together in a clamp/vice) and it will come apart so I can clean up and paint? Anyone done this and can offer tips. The car is a 1955 TR2 Once it goes back together, any suggestions on the grease to use, I have ready about special paints too that allow the faces to slide. Any thoughts or advice appreciated Cheers
  11. Thanks both, really helpful. The slotted hole is the bit that has rusted away but I can sort that out now I know what it looks like Cheers Steve
  12. Hi, I have recently bought and started restoring a TR2 (Chassis no 6446). Could someone publish a picture of the boot stay and in particular the way it attaches to the rear deck? There are the remains it seems of a bracket but I cannot see how it should fit together. Assuming the part is not in the various boxes of bits I have, are they available? Also the channel which the boot seal on needs repairing/making. I cannot see that any repair sections are available which is fine as I can make them up, but I seem to remember reading that some of the cars channels had rounded corners and some ha
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