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  1. Thank you all for all your advice. I have a couple of good options/suggestions now and will follow up with those. I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for all the tips from everyone. I have picked up a lot already from the comments. What do you all think is a good price for a RHD TR2 that is in nice condition but not totally original, like the one in the advert? From looking at ones for sale currently, they vary wildly from mid 20k to 70k.
  3. I see what you mean now about the boot rubber. It should be like this one >>> http://assets.bauer-wolke.co.uk/imagegen/p/800/-/s3/digital-cougar-assets-uk/MomoAds/2016/05/29/093843/triumph-tr2-29.jpg So did any TR2's have the rounded boot aperture/rubber, or were they only on the TR3 models? I don't really like the idea of 2 different models grafted together.
  4. "Don't buy a car there." You can't leave us hanging on that...... Why not? What happened?
  5. Thats it then..... TS 7200. Thanks. The S was quite rounded and looked like a 0. Right.... so TS 7200. Can I do anything with that? Look it up somewhere and find out how the car was delivered new with regards to colour and overdrive etc? oops... too quick to post. Thanks foster 461
  6. The garage selling the car have been in touch and sent a close up of the Commission plate, and the brass ones on the bulkhead. Unfortunately I don't know how to add an attachment on this chat so I can't show you at the moment. It's pretty worn out but appears to say 'T0 7200 0', or 'T6 7200 0' or 'T8 7200 0'. Second digit is hard to read. They seem very nice and keen to help out which is always a good start to these things.
  7. Thanks for the replies... Yes the Mille Miglia takes an awful lot of work to enter and is never a sure thing even if all boxes are ticked.... but it all starts with a nice car, so here I am at the start. If all else fails, at least I'll have a nice car! The shut lines around the boot look a little dubious, but perhaps that is normal for a TR2? Can you confirm what you mean by the boot surround being from a later car? Is that a trim item, of the bodywork itself?
  8. Hi all. I am a new member to the forum and thought I would introduce myself. I have set myself a task of buying a car and getting it into such a state so that I could try to enter it into the Mille Miglia. Classic cars that I currently have are too modern (70s), and so I have decided a good fun car to try this with would be a TR2. I have done a fair amount of research online and via books etc and so have a good understanding of the various models and changes throughout the years. However, I feel there is no substitute for the expert knowledge found in these forums, and so I am here to ask
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