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  1. Thanks Ian, I'm going to tell replace the current steering coupling setup. Once you start digging..... Regards Doyley
  2. Many thanks for that important info Peter Doyley
  3. Hi All, I need a windscreen washer motor for the TR5. Plenty on eBay from £10 - £15 , anything I need to be aware of before purchasing? Many Thanks Doyley
  4. Hi Guys, Some great advice on replacing the pencil, and soldering a jump wire to keep it in contact , with the “horrible copper strip However I’ve got to the bottom of my horn problem. Nearly broken wire , on sterling column. See photo , as it fell apart, as I fiddled with it... Does any one know what size/type wire , this should be replaced with? I always like to check these things if I can Many Thanks Doyley
  5. Hi Denis, Thanks for your info. I’ve heard good things about Worcester Classic Cars Ltd, so I will give them a go. Regards Doyley
  6. Hi Guys, Many thanks for your contributions, very helpful. I am an infrequent poster, so its really pleasing to be offered help. Owning and running a TR5 , its always difficult to get he correct advice, and it’s impossible to know who to ask most of the time as very few understand the beast. Thank again all. Regards Doyley
  7. Hi Gents, My horn was been a bit “intermittent” over the years, so I thought I would try and get to the bottom in the correct set up. I’ve attached a couple of photos and was unsure if 1. I had anything missing- there is a horn ring on the original TR5 steering wheel. 2. Should I replace the push for pencil as the contacts look a bit worn? 3. Line up the copper strip with the pencil? Thanks in advance Doyley
  8. That’s great Conrad, I like a Regards Doyley
  9. Hi All, I was trying to locate an original replacement Windscreen washer rocker switch part 148410, and a Windscreen Wiper rocker switch - 148418, and there don't seem any around? There seems to be replacements on offer( with a chrome surround) - but wondered if these would fit correctly. Any info gratefully received Regards Doyley
  10. Hi Guys, Many thank for your comments, and recommendations. Regards Doyley
  11. Hi All, I'm looking for a good TR5 specialist in the Solihull/ West Midlands area that I could get to "look after" my TR5. Thanks Doyley
  12. Hi All,

    I'm looking for a good TR5 specialist in the Solihull/ West Midlands area, that I could get to "look after" my TR5.



  13. DOYLEY

    TR5 Grille

    Hi All, Well I did fine one, needs a bit of fettling but there you go, photo proves the existence of....
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