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  1. Harrie

    EWP in a TR6

    Thanks Andy. Then it wil be an EWP in de Stag and the TR6 stayes as it is. Harrie
  2. Harrie

    EWP in a TR6

    Thanks for all the comments and advice. In view of all this, I will abandon the idea of an EWP in the TR6. You are right: for my TR6 it is indeed a solution for a non-existent problem. It is definitely a good solution for the Stag. You have also provided clarity for this; So this job is for the winter. Probably the EWP but a belt-driven solution I will definitely look at. I particularly thank barkerwilliams for sharing his experiences. And should it ever be necessary for the TR, I will come back to this and have the experience with the other Triumph right away. Harrie
  3. Harrie

    EWP in a TR6

    Dear all, When I woke up this morning I was happy with all your answers and comments. A short explanation: I drive both a Stag and a TR6 and in particular the Stag often has a problem (well known) with cooling, especially at speeds higher than 110 km/h or with higher outside temperatures, on holiday in Italy or Spain. Especially when driving slowly or uphill, the needle turns to red. For the Stag in particular, I therefore want to switch to the EWP, but if I do approach something like that, why not also the TR6. When I place the EWP, I think on the LH side where is most room, I n
  4. Harrie

    EWP in a TR6

    Hi all, I am playing with the idea to give my TR6 a electric waterpump from Davies Craig. Removing the original waterpump and the thermostat and fitting the EWP in the lower hose from radiator to engine. The temperature than will be controlled by a little computer that engages the EP and the electric fan when needed. Also after stopping the engine or when driving very slow in traffic. Is there in this forum anyone who has done this before? I hope there are some photo's to learn where such an EWP is placed, where to find a good place under the bonnet. Harrie
  5. Harrie

    Electric fan

    Hi Roger, Thanks, I will go for the + on the starter solenoid. And the warning light was already in plan. But I assume that my drawing was OK. In an hour or so I will find out if it's working. Harrie
  6. Harrie

    Electric fan

    Hi all, As new on this forum I would like to ask you for some help. it's how to connect a extra fan with thermo switch and overrule switch, connected trough a relais. Have you the idee that this way is correct and were does the + come from? I suppose the + to 30 comes directly from the battery but were can I get the + to the switches from? Any help is welcome. Thanks, Harrie
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