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  1. Cheers all - some useful info there. Have purchased new rubber stops and front bolts so that should help there. Have already scratched the paintwork doing the initial fit so want to avoid any further issues.
  2. Hi everyone I recently acquired a nice factory hard top for my 71 TR6 - it's complete and in reasonable condition (will need a respray at some point) but was a bit of a struggle to get on the car and the fit is ok but not perfect. Anyone got any tips for improving the fit or attaching the hard top - or am I expecting too much for a 45+ year old car. Not sure how far to go in tightening front fixing nuts (is there a danger of damaging roof?) Rear nuts are not fully bolted down but are very tight and so concerned about continuing to tighten - there's also an adjusting nut on the
  3. Hi - wondered if anyone could provide any info/guidance on coach line stripes on TR6? Were they fitted standard from factory at all? only to certain colours? if so does anybody have any references to exact position of the stripe - ie where shld it start and stop or should it go to the very end of front/rear wings? thks Tim
  4. Thanks John I think removing the glove box is the way to go - good to know what tool to have ready as well. Thanks for help. Tim
  5. Roger - thanks At first glance it looks nigh on impossible to get a small socket on them due to so many other bits (not least the cubby box) getting in the way - just weighing up wasting time struggling with that compared to removing one or two key components that would make the job easier and might end of with a better end result - but only want to remove the minimum number of parts... Tim
  6. HI all I need to replace the lower passenger side (71 RHD car) dashboard crash pad - seems like the main issue is getting access to the retaining nuts behind dash. Just wondered how much I need to dismantle to do this or if there are any tips from previous experience? Also, the new crash pad comes with a lot of excess vinyl - am I supposed to trim this off before fitting or what? Appreciated any insights... cheers Tim
  7. Thanks for the helpful advice guys Tim
  8. Hi folks Quick question about replacing the sun visors on my TR6 - are they just a push fit? (i.e. just locate the steel tube inside the foam and push home the inner and outer bars ?) Any other tips? cheers Tim
  9. Gents Thanks for all the comments - good advice & might stop me wasting a lot of cash - I like the aesthetic of twin pipes but not not enough to put up with excessive noise or fumes. I'm in the Kent area group & know at least one member with a twin system I can also check with.Will also look at those other threads. So if I stick with the original single cross box design any recommendations on brand?
  10. Hi folks First post here having recently acquired a 1971 CP engine TR6. Got a few jobs to tackle but would like to fit a twin tailpipe (wheelbarrow) SS exhaust system and like the look of the Revington TR system as it is designed to provide maximum ground clearance (my TR seems quite low compared to others) - but it is several hundred pounds more expensive than equivalent exhausts from other suppliers. Anybody have any experience with this system - quality, ease of fitting etc -and whether it's worth the extra? Also - difficult question I know as it's very subjective but what d
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