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  1. Hi John, nice looking car! There is a special feature on your car. I looked at the grille and you have the rounded bar grille with no black paint. This must be an early production number. It is before number 500 I think. I have seen sofar 4 cars with these type of grille, including that of mine. It is very rare to see. Can you share your production number and if you have the production date, so that I can document it. Do you know if the grille was always without the black paint? All cars I have seen sofar had no black paint. This is strange in itsefl because all TR 250"s supposed to hav
  2. Hi all, perhaps a bit late for a reaction, but I think I have something to add. I am from the Netherlands and have an early TR250 with chassis number CD 130-L. I can tell you the plates I have on my car look the same as the ones described. So it is original. The other thing is that I have exact the same door interior with the silver handle which is used on a TR4A. So this is also original. It seams to be an original early TR25o. I suggest to take also a look into the grille. The early models have a different grill. It looks like a TR4A grill WITHOUT a crank hole and it is not painted black
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