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  1. Kerry

    TR6 bonnet hump

    Humm, I quite like the front and bonnet but why change the dash, horrible, as for the rear lights, yuck
  2. Kerry

    TR6 bonnet hump

    Its still registered with DVLA as being a Blue TR6, six owners from new with a 2498cc engine. ‚ÄčLast MOT was 6 Jan 2016, it had a declared 527 miles on the clock, the previous year 173 miles, year before 99 miles, year before 1 mile. No advisories
  3. I had one and was more than happy to pay he extra a few months back - to have it removed. Found it a bit loud, wearing on anything other than a few miles and occasionally smelly as others have commented (though thats not specific to this brand)
  4. Kerry

    A nice pair

    I think its even more incredible that both have had their rear number plates vandalised !
  5. Kerry

    Bad form

    Also just reported it (though the pull down options to do so do not really fit) so have also sent an email direct
  6. Funny you should say that, was literally just about to ask if they had twin exhausts as an option. think your right it looks more like a magazine article. Interesting never the less and slightly amused to know it handled as well as a 911 in its day, a car renowned for trying to kill you on corners (had one back in the 80's and its was the only car I span - twice )
  7. Sounds like a good idea, though see there are quite a few types, both size and density so would have no idea what to order. Would be great if you do a follow-up when you have finished with the foam spec )item numbers in the cast of eBay) as that a huge difference but I guess with kits it is at least (presumably) already the right shape.
  8. Thanks Alan, good to know, much appreciated.
  9. Think you have hit the nail on the head there Andy, have since spoken to a local upholsterer who has quoted less then just the foam cost to do the seats properly. Not exactly wheeler dealer prices (if only) but does rather prove your point. Just have to ensure they do not find a copy of the Moss parts catalogue before I get there !
  10. Just been trying to fine some on-line, can not believe the prices, I have seen leather sofas advertised in TV for less
  11. Same advert different location - http://automotoclassicsale.com/node/25712 Have reported it to eBay, no idea if they will bother to investigate though
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