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  1. Hi, showing my ignorance, ; didn't appreciate the need to set the MU specifically for the Cam. I'll try the Cardiff contact. Thanks for the help. Stuart.
  2. Hello TR experts, I am a member of 30 years and still learning about my TR6! I have recently fitted a refurbished Lucas PI and now a refurbish distributor; - it has been pinking, the shaft play was excessive, but all good and new now. Its timed at 12 deg BTDC, now the pinking has gone, but its huleva lumpy and 'missing/sluggish' at higher loads. It revs full range no problem at all on no-load. It has a fast-road cam and flowed head Its not done many miles over the recent 5-6 years [been building my house], but now want to get driving. The fuel may be a little old; but not convinced that is the problem. I'll refresh the petrol next weekend, but interested in any responses in the meantime. I am based in Gloucester, any TR specialist in the area, Google is not indicating as such. tks Stuart.
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