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  1. Following on from Mick Richards advice......if there is no kerb or suitable brick handy to drive over use the spare wheel to gain height to start the jacking process then remove when height gained. I was using a scissor jack on a Mk2 Escort recently and giving it some beans to get it going when after a few turns the bloody end sheared off the 2 part handle.Car was partly up on the jack and blocking the entrance to the storage facility.Not at home so no other suitable Jack with me, rooted around and found an old short Phillips screw driver which fitted into the hole in the end of the sciss
  2. All the best marra, from West Cumbria.
  3. I saw them last year when looking at the ariel view of Stoneleigh prior to attending Race Retro.....seems a long time since now. If you look at the entrance you will see them to the south east, if you pan north they are continuous in a NW direction across many different terrain types. Must be something to do with HS2 route or WE1 as I call it (w is for white).
  4. Remember to mask the wheel nut contact areas. There are refs to nuts coming loose after powder coating which is quite thick. During lockdown I refurbed a set of Escort steel wheels with aerosol paint then did a targa type rally with them fitted.After the rally I checked all of the nuts,all still present but no longer what I would call tight.Took each wheel off and carefully filed the paint off the contact areas so the the steel nuts made contact with metal rather than paint.....sorted.I wrongly assumed that paint would not cause the problem reported with powder coating.
  5. It is worth checking that the su needles are the same spec (mine were marked sm) by removing them carefully. It is vital that when they are put back that you do not insert them all of the way into the recess but insert them so that the shoulder of the needle is flush with the base of the holder.Failure to do this results in the needle being too high which leads to a very rich mixture.
  6. Mr Sod and his Law dictated that my wing mirror has now worked loose, heaven knows how as I not been far recently. I have attached a pic of how I managed to fix it which may help others in a similar position. The nut on the end of the mirror stalk, inside the door, had loosened slightly. It is very difficult to see the nut let alone tighten it up. After removing the door card, wind the window up, insert a light source in 1, peer through 3, insert small hand with spanner through 2, when spanner is on nut reach over the door and rotate the mirror until tightish then nip up with spanner. It
  7. TR4 not soft top but comfy seats, not sure how to describe colour....darkish slatey blue? Matching door cards and very dark blue, almost black carpets.
  8. My 62 TR4 dash was also turned, only concession to timing is the strip of double sided velcro for stopwatch. I may also have attached a pic of my recently flocked escort dash as there was quite a lot of glare from the windscreen.This only cost a bit of time making paper templates and less than £10 for sticky backed velour.....hopefully removable at some point.
  9. The EC reg is South Cumbria, Kendal or thereabouts so a local car at Grizebeck/Kirkby in Furness Garage.
  10. The type like mine can be found on Car builder solutions web site , ref MIALWP. Available in polished, satin or black aluminium, single bolt fixing, price £25ish each.
  11. Ian C, Yes just a single bolt, the chrome base is only about an inch diameter.Adjustment, as you say, by moving the unit on the stalk....friction interference between two semi circles.Don't know if the resistance can be altered as they stay where pointed, so far. Afraid I dont know the make as I did not do the original build but I think they are a good addition, striking the right balance between form and function. John S
  12. Hope this helps regarding position of mirrors.Passenger side is a mirror image. I dont have a problem with them but use main central mirror and always check with a shoulder glance for a blind spot.
  13. Think this is a ss phoenix , 4 into two into one into two.
  14. Two more Cumbrian signs, one in the village and one at the Cumbrian end of Hadrians wall.
  15. Here are my non original seats, afraid I dont know the supplier but someone may recognise the manufacturer. They are very comfortable having done a couple of hundred miles a day on northern backroads and not required assistance from a chiropractor.
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