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  1. Just to make you all jealous......did the shopping at Tesco Click and Collect. Mind you, having the roof down did make it easier to load up.
  2. That's great Tony, exactly what I wanted. I'll print it off and go and play in the garage. I'm going to use an old motor first before I take apart the one in the car. Thanks again, Mike.
  3. Thanks Roger, gradually getting my head around this. Got to cobble together some temporary circuitry now to check whether or not I've got it right. Mike.
  4. TT, I'm confused now. There is no Green/red wire in or on this motor. The only internal wiring is as you can see in my photo. the connections to the outside of the case are the two tags seen at the top of the picture which protude through the end cap. There are 3 leads going to the motor, 2 for power and a separate one for the earth. The red lead seen soldered to one side of the coil exits the case and is connected to the parking connection. The motor ran before I stripped it down so there cannot be any missing wires, surely. Hopefully you can see my confusion, any comments? Thanks, Mike.
  5. Same here. Mine's at least 20 yrs old and has a fabric filter which is just shaken to clean it. Simples. Mike.
  6. Thanks TT, looks like I'm going to have to do a little more work than I thought. Mike.
  7. Sorry to be a pain everyone. I've read all the posts I can find on this topic, including those of the wiper "guru" AlanT. I've stripped down a spare DR3A motor, and identified (I think) the field coil wires. Referring to the photo, are the field coil connections the 2 in the middle? One has the parking(red) wire attached, the other is just to the right. AlanT suggests fitting a resistor into this circuit to enable the second speed. Do I solder the resistor across the ends of these wires, or do I cut just one wire, solder it to a flying lead fom the resistor, and from the other end of the
  8. My Silver Cross pram had something like that on the hood 70 years ago.
  9. I suspect that any replies will fall into 2 groups. The " originality at all costs" brigade ( a bit silly really as all cars will have had replacement parts by now, so cannot strictly be original) and those that will say "It's your car, paint it whatever colour you want" As it is already the non-original paint, what difference does it make if you change it to another? Bear in mind though that interior trims were "matched" to paint, so it could look a little odd if you choose the wrong combination of paint to trim. I don't think anyone would be able to accurately judge what difference a colo
  10. MikeyB1


    A piece of plywood or similar to put under the jack for when you get a flat in the show field? Mike.
  11. I changed all the dash lamps to LED type, including the indicator lamp. I can now see that quite clearly even with the top down and in sunlight. Less embarrassing than a buzzer. Mike.
  12. I've been very pleased with the Moltex that I bought from the Club Shop. Mike.
  13. Thanks Neil, I'll bear your kind offer in mind. Mike.
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