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  1. yes...easy to make to your needs. If you want to buy instead, this is same item as at Moss (I believe)... somewhat cheaper. this fellow makes several TR6 & MG accesories.... including the drink holder that clips onto center dash support, seat belt guides, etc.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271440661966?hash=item3f331fcdce:g:0fQAAOSwPCVYAu2c In the US, they sold Amco center consoles as shown in this recent reproduction. note: I have no financial interest, but have purchased a few of his items.
  2. a lot of folks drill a hole and use one of TR6 rubber plugs. picture is of what I did in my car
  3. Below is where the passenger courtesy bulb is mounted on a LHD car (not my car). During the TR6 production run, I believe Triumph used two different mounting brackets as shown below. My 74 uses the the white clip shown by itself. I think earlier years used the black one shown mounted. That said, the holder looks like it might be for the dash instruments / warning lamps..... which use a red/white wire.
  4. here you go. I could only accurately measure this without taking unit off. The bracket portion appears a little thinner....but appeared the same thickness as original when i had them side by side. Did you notice the couple of reinforcement spots in the crease of where the bracket bends out. it probably strengthens some, but would still be less than an added gusset.
  5. I replaced my original one, which was missing the hook this month, with one from The Roadster Factory (USA). From the picture of an original one a few posts prior, this looks pretty close in design. it was labeled as "made in Taiwan". First picture is comparison of what was left of original compared to the repop. bits I made sure all parts lined up, and always release hood approximately 1 foot above catch for closing. works great...so far.
  6. I'm a stateside customer...... Have been very pleased with John Skinner's interior seat covers and trim that I installed back in 2016. I work in a mfg business that makes optical fiber. As best we try, we never hit 100% perfection.
  7. Along with what Austin mentioned above.....see the following below that I copied from somewhere............. It will give you a little more clearance on handles..if your seats aren't installed this way The seat needs to be mounted on the runners CROOKED. The left hand seat needs to be rotated slightly counter clockwise relative to the runners, the right seat needs to be slightly clockwise relative to the runners. Under the front edge of the seat on the runners you will find two ears sticking straight up. These ears mate with the corresponding ears on the seat frame that point down.
  8. Not my file, but I saved this some time back. I believe it is from a 73 USA switch. Might be different than UK switch.
  9. Already heard back from Chris.........I only do a few each year since retiring and they go in UK.
  10. Thanks Kevo. Should have said your car makes the blocker look great
  11. Thanks Gentlemen. Kevo....Looks great on you car. Does it come with a flap attachment to keep wind coming between the seats? The ones I listed above do. ...or do you find you even need that feature. I like the idea of supporting folks who own and make bits for our cars. Recently picked up a reproduction AMCO armrest from a TR6 & 8 owner who makes them. I'll have to email breezebreaker....as his site says unavailable, and he may not post to USA
  12. Considering adding one of these. Have zero experience with them though. Has anyone installed the plexiglass one from Rimmers (picture below)? http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-RR1513 · With the mounting brackets on this design, it appears that it can remain in position while putting the hood up or down. Hoping someone can confirm if this is true? I’m finding conflicting statements doing a search…. · Is it effective? Do windows need to be in up position. · I think it is the same one offered here..who may be the manufacturer of them? http://www.cabriod
  13. I tried a couple of LEDs from these folks and found that they do dim on my stock dimmer. The dimmer is a new original type replacement. To be honest, I was surprised that they dimmed. I've ordered a complete set for the interior that will be here a week or so. http://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/collections/car-kits/products/triumph-tr6-led-bulb-upgrade-kit from their website..................... December 29, 2015 A very common Classic Car owner question. Briefly, yes they do with the old style internal variable resistor in the dimmer. This reduces the voltage available to
  14. Didn't know that........ ....but I do know you choice in dogs is excellent!
  15. I recently replaced the door glass and glazing. On this side of the pond, it appears Moss has the best glazing material...requiring no glue. Other vendors glazing was either to hard or not thick enough to hold glass in. I did exactly as in post #5 below, and both windows went in perfectly. Careful tapping with mallet and warming of glazing strip made it go smoothly. http://www.6-pack.org/j15/index.php/forum/21-body-trim-a-accessories/256862-Door-window-glass-attachment-to-channel#389318
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