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  1. I am still doing the conversion feet,just been very busy lately.I should have my TR3 on the road in the next few days and then I can get another batch of the conversion mountings made.@ £35.00 per screen. I have a limited production batch of 30 chrome on brass replica screens ready to go to the chromers and when these are sold there will be no more . There are still one or two of the aluminium replica screens available @£300. and again when these are gone there will be no more Best way to contact me is bty phone in the evenings 01952 603800
  2. Got one thanks(in fact I got 2) Thanks tom
  3. Any body got a column lock for a late TR7 Tom Maddock
  4. Hi Tom,

    I`m still interested in a replica TR Aero Screen.

    Do have one available?



  5. It is cyclo thread 3/8 x 26 T.P.I Try you local cycl;e shop
  6. Can I dismantle the fan pulley assembly. I would like to machine an extra belt groove into ther hub. I know the USA fans had a groove machined but that is not in the right place.
  7. If they are factory originals anything up to 1500 dollars if you list the on ebay.com Sell them one at a time. If you post a picture on here I can tell you if they are correct.
  8. I was looking at these,ebay no 170508431112 They have Yokahamas at about 175.00 for 4 Do you have any thoughts on these
  9. Is that with or without spacers?
  10. Can I fit 195/50/15's on MGF Wheels on my TR7 without clearance problems?
  11. What size tyre is recomended to go on MGF alloys on a standard TR7
  12. Those of you who have been patiently waiting can get to inspect the screens first hand at Malvern this weekend. I have to resolcve a couple of issues with the chromers then they will be asvaiable to purchase. I will be there on Saturday,07977214010 on the day.Davis Somerville will have them, with him all weekend.
  13. I will get electronic ignition unit before I do the job.If you are going to be at Malvern can you put the spanner in for me to have a look at before I make one.Do you recomend any particular ignition unit?Regards Tom
  14. I have never considerd myself a quitter but how the hell are you supposed to change the points on a TR7? Who decided it was a good idea to put the advance weights on top of the points? I would have taken the distributor out but I cant even see the mounting bolts. OK any body want to buy a TR7 only needs new points
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