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  1. Hello Derek Glad that Steve and yourself joined us yesterday and made it back across the border safely. Please feel free to join our next adventure in to the great unknown. Regards Julian Stephens TR Register member number 918 St. Austell
  2. Hamish I assume Tony owned the TR at that time. It was not a race, it was the TR Register sprint meeting at Goodwood. I have record of seeing YWK 50 in St. Austell on 22nd April 1973. I believe this was in the car park at Truro & District Motor Club's Hillclimb meeting at Tregrehan. Julian
  3. Hello again Rob If you PM me with an email address, I will send you a selection of my Goodwood images. You asked for shots of the Julian Furniss wide-bodied TR and here they are: Leaving the start line. Approaching Fordwater on 10th May 1981. This one might be of interest to Hamish: The start line in 1976. TR3A 152ANP driven by John Davies. TR4A DTJ104E still taxed and MOT'd. YWK50 driven by Tony Thompson. TR5 TYR731F no record after 1984. Regards Julian Stephens TR Register member number 918 St. Austell
  4. Hello Rob I took this shot of the Futcher 6 as it approached Fordwater at full chat. I am unsure of the year (thought to be 1981), but I'm sure someone will have kept a record of the numbers. Regards Julian Stephens TR Register member number 918 St. Austell
  5. Hello Pete According to the Revs Institute Digital Library the picture shows that your TR2 was entered in the BARC National Race at Goodwood on 14th April 1956. Cheers Julian
  6. Good morning Old Bob We are on the case. Regards Julian Stephens Register member 918 St. Austell
  7. I was saddened to learn that my great friend Chris had passed away today. Greater detail will appear in a future edition of TRaction, but in the meantime here are a few memories of the man himself with that shiny red TR2, LMW140. Leaving the start line at a Register Goodwood Sprint meeting. Powering through St. Mary's at Goodwood. With me at the end of the 1977 Jubilee End to End Run. Our thoughts are with Carol and the boys. Julian Stephens Register member 918 St. Austell
  8. This image appeared recently on the French website forum-auto.caradisiac. No detail of where, when or why is given. DVLA currently show the TR as being taxed, but it is now green. Julian Register member 918 St. Austell
  9. Hello I don’t think that is quite it for Coventry registrations lest we forget RW, as in TRW735 et al. Was this used on Personal Export cars? This uncropped 1968 Flickr image shows the Spitfire parked in front of the TR250 and it carries a registration number that appears to be NRW111F. It is thought that the spire rising from the roof of London Transport RT (Number 12 to Dulwich) is All Saints at 2 Langham Place, close to Broadcasting House. Also on the same Flickr site is this 1972 image of the British Leyland Tax-Free Showroom at 41-46 Piccadilly. Looking thr
  10. Hello Mike As the 4A was fairly new when you acquired it, do you have any recollection as to its early history? PRL was a Cornish registration, but the "G" suffix would ordinarily have appeared on late 5s and early 6s. Cheers Julian Member 918 St. Austell
  11. Mark, your TR carried that registration number when it was for sale in Fowey in July 1993. PM me your email address and I will send you what else I have on the car. Cheers Julian Stephens Member 918 St. Austell
  12. Hello Ian To help restore your loss of memory, the missing digits are 656A. I took this shot on the 4th December 1993 at the Portreath stage of the first Le Jog. Evan was crewed by John Kiff and the start marshal was Pete Hancock. Cheers Julian Member 918 St. Austell
  13. Hello Eli I took this shot at Mawgan Porth near Newquay in Cornwall in October 1978. It shows my TR5 and Andy Hopkinson's TR3A. The TR3 was parked outside a shop. After waiting a while the owner did not reappear so we drove off. I never found out who the car belonged to. From the cropped version it is difficult to work out where the rear mountings would have been attached but it doesn't look to be on to the overrider brackets. Happy surfing, one day. Cheers Julian Member 918 St. Austell
  14. Hello Nick This is what 880AYA looked like in the late 1960s - early 1970s. The picture comes from Brian Hancock's collection. Brian told me that at the time the car was owned by a doctor from the Truro area. It had a colourful life while in Cornwall, resulting in a number of significant repairs being required! Cheers Julian Member 918 St. Austell
  15. Not fluffy but woolly......... Seen last Saturday at The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall. The Gardens have now temporarily closed. Cheers Julian
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