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  1. Hello Nick This is what 880AYA looked like in the late 1960s - early 1970s. The picture comes from Brian Hancock's collection. Brian told me that at the time the car was owned by a doctor from the Truro area. It had a colourful life while in Cornwall, resulting in a number of significant repairs being required! Cheers Julian Member 918 St. Austell
  2. Not fluffy but woolly......... Seen last Saturday at The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall. The Gardens have now temporarily closed. Cheers Julian
  3. Seeing Pete's post on Thursday, brought back more memories from Donington. Keep it in the family Pete. Cheers Julian St. Austell Member no: 918
  4. Hello Bob No doubt you have seen this one before. I took this shot at Donington on 22nd August 1976. Cheers Julian Member No. 918
  5. Hello Adam The search facility on the Register website saves a lot of digging around! See TRaction 233. Cheers Julian St. Austell
  6. Hello again Pete More of the recent competition history of 883GOH is coming to light. If you PM me with your email address, I will forward what else I have discovered. This is a Peter Baker image from the January 2015 issue of Motor Sport magazine and shows Ryan Pickering and Andy Ballantyne on their way to victory in the 2014 Rally of the Tests. Cheers Julian
  7. Before taking 883GOH rallying, Len gave the TR a bit of a shakedown at the Portreath Drag Meeting in June 2000. Here we see Len and Rodders going head to head in blinding sunlight. Julian
  8. Here we go Pete. Gerald might appreciate this. 883GOH was prepared and rallied very successfully some twenty years ago by Len Olds, a Cornish TR owner since 1976. The copyright of this shot remains with the photographer. It shows Len and Helen Olds on the Regis Rally 13th October 2001 I took this shot of Len and Andy Ballantyne in action on the Powderham Historic Rally of Devon 9th March 2002 The car was subsequently sold to another long-standing Cornish TR campaigner, Roger Bricknell from Bodmin. Enjoy Julian Cornwall
  9. Graham It seemed more appropriate to post my response in your Cars Reunited thread. Julian
  10. Graham Here are some pictures of your TR3 as it was in 1973. The first TR Register “Big Event” was organised to celebrate the twenty first anniversary of the Triumph 20TS prototype being displayed at the London Motor Show at Earl’s Court in 1952. I took the pictures at the refuelling stop in Exeter on the very wet morning of 13th October 1973. This took place at Mumfords Garage (formerly Motor Macs) near the Paris Street roundabout in Western Way (the Inner Ring Road). The location is now the site of the Vue cinema (EX1 2DD) The cars featured are as follows: TR3A 690CTT – Viv Caust TR3A 637JHU – Julian Stephens TR3A 432JAF - Rodney Castle TR3 UOV713 – John Cole TR2 JHJ596 – Pete Grenyer TR3A YDK688 – Not known. I am aware that the first five of these TRs still exist and are in safe hands. I have no knowledge of YDK688. Enjoy the nostalgia. Julian
  11. Hello Graham If you think your Michelins are over ten years old, do you think they were on the car forty six yeras ago? Cheers Julian Stephens Cornwall
  12. Paul Just to add to your confusion I remember being shown RTT417 under a pile of tyres in a garage near Newton Abbot in the mid-70s. That TR found its way to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu and I believe it's still there. Maybe contact with the Museum could reveal something. Good luck
  13. Chris Your 4A is alive and and well and parked just down the road from me. PM me with your email address Julian Stephens St. Austell
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