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  1. Hi I use a facet silver top pump (480530K) for my Strombergs . It comes rated at 5-6 psi but I replaced the internal spring with a 3 psi replacement to be sure. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/230984130252 Regards Paul.
  2. Hi Ian I also have a set of Heritage 40mm as recommended by Jenvey. I am utilising the openings for Idle air management which means the butterfly valves can be closed at idle. Paul.
  3. Hi Rog, I used one of these Lucas switches with the pictorial TR6 fan pull. I had to remove a little from the end of the switch as the depth of the pull is not as much as that supplied with the switch. Paul
  4. Hi Rog, If you look at the rear of the Dash support bracket there are 2 extra holes pre-prepared each side of the courtesy light switch. It is possible to utilise these for extra switches or lights as required. Paul
  5. Hi Richard I have 185/15s on my US spec 6 with which I replaced a set of Michelin Redlines. They are from Blockleytyre.com Ive had them around 18months and very pleased with them. Paul
  6. The annual retention fee has been waived now Renew or replace your private number You must renew your right to use your private (personalised) number every 10 years if it’s not being used on a vehicle. If you got your private number before 2015, you must renew it more often - check your V750 or V778 document. Renew your V750 certificate of entitlement or V778 retention document You’ll get a reminder letter or email if you’re not using a private number and your right to use it is about to run out. You can renew it for up to 10 years, and it does not cost anything to do.
  7. Diaphragms are cheap enough and easy to swap out to carry a spare if they do split. They are only in contact with air rather than fuel so I don't think they should be effected much. I have had no issues in the last 3 years running Strombergs on unleaded. Paul
  8. Hi Robert Purple and White are earth switching - so the cubby hole, doors switches ground and centre console interior light switch - this circuit switches to earth i.e. the car frame. The interior lights have a +ve purple circuit ( always on i.e not switched by the ignition key) on one side and the other is attached to the purple and white ground circuit. Paul
  9. Hi Iain I have had Blockley 185s in my USA TR6 for a year now and about 2500 miles. I have been delighted with them I think they look very good and importantly they feel right. I am not comparing them to the Michelin X it was shod with previously as they were long in the tooth, though with lots of tread left ... as is the way. The tyres feel compliant and progressive and the rubber does give good grip and feedback. I also found Blockley very helpful in answering any queries I had. So worth a chat with them. paul
  10. Thanks Hamish - I had a look on the Rimmer site and the part number is the same for the 4 and the 6 . The 4 has 2 of the things! must have had trouble with bad roads and pot holes back in the bad old days. SuperPro don't quote it as a Triumph part but it sure looks the same , so if it fits a 4 it must fit the 6. I have just been replacing anything rubber with poly whenever I get the chance. I got the shock initially when I had an MOT caution on an original lower balljoint cover on my 2000 saloon, I changed it 3 months prior to the next MOT so I wouldn't have an issue and guess what it failed in that time !!! Fortunately Chris Witor provided a proper upgrade. As PodOne says we would happily pay for quality parts , there's plenty enough to worry about as it is when properly using our cars without it being the new parts just put on.
  11. I don’t know why rubber products are such poor quality in the 21st century ? They just seems to disintegrate in no time. This steering coupling has barely lasted 18 months , it appeared to be a good product when I bought it. I replaced a coupling of unknown age out of caution, it was actually in way better condition than this is now. I am happy to accept it is a consumable item but would expect more. Having a couple of hundred miles to do this weekend I have changed it for a used one I had that was in good condition. Anyway does anyone have a recommendation for a good version or are they all from a single source and we gets what we gets. Thanks in advance
  12. The Racetorations split gearbox tunnel is very well made and is available already split. It as also listed in their Sale Items at half price at the moment!
  13. Thanks for the guidance guys - having pressed on. I dropped the diff by partially undoing the bolts and lowering the car to rest it onto a couple of bags of sand. I then undid the bolts lifted the car and dragged it out. So though I couldn't feel any problem with the rear prop shaft U/J there are signs that the outer bearing casing in one side had been rotating in the yoke as there is a clear area that has been worn bright by the circlip. There is also a fractured front diff mounting - clean across so from what I have picked up on other threads a strengthening kit and a handy welder are required. So all horrible noises explained.
  14. Hi I replace the o/s drive shaft with a spare - the outer UJ was perhaps a little stiff but otherwise ok. It wasn't too bad a job just tricky getting at the inner u/j bolts around the exhaust. Anyway net result was no change - so I think the prop shaft UJ is the culprit after all. I had been in a bit of a rush for an event this weekend but had got the dates wrong so I think I will drop the diff as well and attempt to get the front seal replaced too. So best start with the parts order.
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