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  1. Hi All, Judging by the level of interest in this topic and being specifically related to members' safety, I trust the Parts Quality Initiative (PQI) team is taking a very active interest. I look forward to their repoart in due course. Cheers John
  2. THe HP hose that I consider has dubious fittings and/or materials with no swaging has been returned to Rimmers following their agreement to a full refund including return postage. They still maintain they have had no complaints with these items. On the advice from specialists here on the Forum, I have purchased another hose from a supplier in Chiswick. It looks quite similar to the returned one with no proper swaging but seems to be less flexible and better braided externally: but who am I to judge? The Chiswick item, judging by the packaging, came in by a container from India. I have fit
  3. Good Morning Guys, This thread has given me some very valuable and interesting reading. I have looked closely at my recent purchase and can find no evidence of a pressure rating or of a material specification and hence the item remains on my bench, unused. As suggested, I contacted Rimmers and explained my concerns to the sales agent who, being a LR specialist ( I dont' know how I was put in contact with him- but very polite and concerned) knew nothing of the problem but took down my details and confirmed thier customer services would contact me as soon as possible. I am anxious
  4. Morning All, I have been reading this thread with some concern as I have part number 214890, supplied by Rimmers, unopened on my bench awaiting fitment. It looks exactly the same as that pictured above. This was purchased on 16.04.21 and is wrapped in a plastic bag labelled "Mocal Fluid Controls", a name I have heard of as being specialists in oil coolers and the like. On this same plastic bag is a label, printed on which is TT214890 PI PIPE INLET M UNIT RIMMER BROS LTD" which I suspect is a Mocal Part number. The old original unit I am replacing, simply because of its age,
  5. Sorry Harry, In my language (40 years in major water engineering projects) taps appear in bathrooms or kitchens. I should have been more precise and said "fuel tank isolating valve". Anyway I am pleased to hear it does not leak and what an impressive installation (!!!), far away from my totally standard TR6 Thanks John
  6. Harry, I have heard that valves, as fitted to you TR5, are prone to leaking after only a short time. Does your experience concur? Cheers John
  7. Hello Darren, If I had a cool £10m to spare (which I sadly don't) and made you an offer for your beloved TR then I cannot believe you would not take it. There must be many out there who would say the same thing but jump at the chance of a Ferrari, no mortgage, new house, exotic holidays etc. Cheers John
  8. Hello TR5tar Yes I am married, a contract from which I understand I can never escape. This doesn't alter my statement that everything is for sale, the consideration must not necessarily pass from buyer to vendor. Cheers John
  9. Everything in this world is for sale, just a question of agreeing a price. Cheers John
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