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  1. Thanks all for the info. Seems like my original AC pump was installed differently!
  2. The fuel pump on my '64 TR4 failed recently so I obtained a replacement from Rimmer Bros. Found that the fuel outlet port on the replacement pump was on the side facing the block. The original pump outlet was facing away from the block. See photo attached. The new replacement pump has an arrow showing the outlet but this has incorrectly been fitted with an alloy bung whereas the screwed port is facing the block. I believe the outlet port and feed pipe to the carbs should face away from the block. Anyone else found this problem? Have taken up with Rimmers who are investigating with manufa
  3. Many thanks for advice so far guys. Will get under the car this weekend to check if loose bolts are the problem.
  4. I have a knocking from the rear of my TR4 when going over rough surfaces/bumps. Not sure where to start looking for wear etc. It has the standard suspension set up. What is the most common cause of knocks , shock absorber links, dampers, worn rubber bushes? Would appreciate advice on where to start.
  5. Is there a recommended method for earthing the steering column on a TR4 to enable the horn push to earth it when pushed?
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