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  1. Try Merlin Motor Sport, they list a selection of heat shield material. Harvey S. Maitland
  2. HSM

    TR6 @ 50 PLAQUE

    Double sided number plate tape & attach to bumper low enough not to obscure light unit. Harvey S. Maitland
  3. Use double sided tape to attach to bumper Harvey S. Maitland
  4. All those tr6s & no 50th anniversary rally plaques on display, now available from the register shop. Harvey S. Maitland
  5. HSM


    Check damage to fuel return pipe from metering unit to tank. Harvey S. Maitland
  6. Hamish If this helps assume 10" BTDC mark on pulley (to the right viewed from front) is opposite pointer on front cover with ignition firing, this is before the TDC mark on pulley lines up with pointer , hence timing is set at 10" BTDC. Hope this makes sense. Harvey S, Maitland
  7. If you have a timing light,first check without vacuum then with , you will see the timing change proving vac unit is working. Harvey S. Maitland
  8. HSM

    4a lubrication

    O.E. track rod ends had grease nipples, replacement ones none, also grease nipple in steering rack. Harvey S. Maitland
  9. If coolant flows through heater matrix ( heater on hot & not blocked ) and blows out hot air pump o.k. Harvey S. Maitland
  10. HSM

    LED Tubes

    Fitted L.E.D. tubes in my garage reception, less power consumption & brighter, but you need to buy them with the fitting. Harvey S.Maitland
  11. Concentric release bearings include the hydraulic slave cylinder, when they leak its a gearbox off job. Harvey S. Maitland
  12. Just a tip for checking play in suspension joints in double wishbone front suspension, lift the car with the jack under the lower wishbone to remove weight from suspension components, this is normal procedure when conducting an MOT test. Harvey S.Maitland
  13. HSM

    Headlight Bulbs

    Apart from sealed beam headlamps that are checked on main beam most headlamps are checked on dipped beam and provided the alignment complies with the correct beam image they will pass. It is only HID bulbs fitted in existing H4 halogen units that would fail under section "C" of the defects light source & lamp not compatible. Always remember no element of dismantling is allowed during a test. Complete L.E.D conversions should not be a reason for failure provided they give the correct image. Harvey S. Maitland
  14. HSM

    suck or blow

    The majority of manufactures of modern cars have the fan behind the radiator ( assuming they have all done their homework ) this would appear to be the most effective position. Harvey S. Maitland
  15. HSM

    Headlight Bulbs

    Just a point on fitting HID bulbs, Class 4 test manual section 4.1.4 Compliance with requirements states existing halogen headlamp units should not be converted to be used with HID bulbs, if such a conversion has been done you must fail the headlamp. Harvey S. Maitland DVSA AE
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