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  1. I think the Millers product contains ferrocene that may have a shelf life. Peter C. may be able to confirm. As for valve seat recession one of my customers covered 60,OOO mls in a Ford Cortina ( cast iron head) before no. 4 exhaust seat suffered recession. Harvey S. Maitland
  2. Jaguar XK 8s also have a fly off hand brake due to being fitted on the right hand side of the seat ( stops you tripping over it when getting out of the car ) with hand brake on. Harvey S. Maitland
  3. Not TR related but a friend of mine cycled the end to end ( Lands End to John O Groats ). When he came to get the train home there was no provision for his bike, so he found a role of plastic sheet in a local farm field & taking the wheels off his bike he made it into a large parcel. Back to the station with large plastic wrapped parcel . No problem sir we can put your parcel in the guards van. My friend Stuart was then able to travel home by train ( I think the moral of the story is don't divulge the contents of your parcel ) Harvey S. Maitland
  4. Yes same as mine, the centre screw is spring loaded, the vent opens as the cap is closed. good luck Harvey
  5. Trevor if you buy a new seal just punch a hole in the centre, with the old one off you can see a vent hole in the cap itself. Harvey S. Maitland
  6. I had a problem many years ago with my TR6 ,after a short run if I accelerated hard the engine would start to misfire, when I checked my new cap seal ( no vent hole ), problem was a vacuum build up in the tank reducing fuel flow to pump. Punched hole in seal as original one, problem solved. It appears many new seals are produced with no vent hole ? Harvey S. Maitland
  7. You need to apply pressure to the taper for it to grip & oil on the threads to reduce friction. I have this king of problem all the time, sometimes I get around it by putting a length of wood between the ball joint and the wheel arch & jacking up the lower suspension arm until the taper grips. Harvey S. Maitland
  8. Try Merlin Motor Sport, they list a selection of heat shield material. Harvey S. Maitland
  9. HSM

    TR6 @ 50 PLAQUE

    Double sided number plate tape & attach to bumper low enough not to obscure light unit. Harvey S. Maitland
  10. Use double sided tape to attach to bumper Harvey S. Maitland
  11. All those tr6s & no 50th anniversary rally plaques on display, now available from the register shop. Harvey S. Maitland
  12. HSM


    Check damage to fuel return pipe from metering unit to tank. Harvey S. Maitland
  13. Hamish If this helps assume 10" BTDC mark on pulley (to the right viewed from front) is opposite pointer on front cover with ignition firing, this is before the TDC mark on pulley lines up with pointer , hence timing is set at 10" BTDC. Hope this makes sense. Harvey S, Maitland
  14. If you have a timing light,first check without vacuum then with , you will see the timing change proving vac unit is working. Harvey S. Maitland
  15. HSM

    4a lubrication

    O.E. track rod ends had grease nipples, replacement ones none, also grease nipple in steering rack. Harvey S. Maitland
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