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  1. HSM

    Gear Oil

    Always use GL 4 but never GL 5.
  2. As a guide Lucas 25D4 distributor 57'-63' or 25D6 32'-38' both with .016" points gap. Bosch distributor 4 cyl. 59'-65' & 6 cyl. 35'-41' again with .016" point gap. Harvey S Maitland
  3. To open the vent you need to press the centre of the cap against the spring pressure. Harvey S. Maitland
  4. Replacement cap seals are not produced with the vent hole in the centre, you have to punch your own. Harvey S. Maitland
  5. HSM

    Tr6 keys

    One key for ignition, one for boot & glove box & one for both doors. Harvey S. Maitland
  6. Very sad news has brought a tear to my eyes. A wonderful person & a true gentleman, a superb all round racer. R.I.P Sir Sterling , the memories will live on. Harvey S. Maitland
  7. You need a new tank, they are prone to splitting ( common fault with age ) I have replaced many of these for my customers. Harvey S. Maitland
  8. Hi John Laser tool no. 7510 external deburr/chamfer tool, guide price £16.87+vat. Regards Harvey S.Maitland
  9. All Volkswagens retain the codes in the ECU you can change the battery without any extra precautions Harvey S. Maitland
  10. White smoke is normally caused by brake fluid Harvey S. Maitland
  11. Just a point on Ferodo brake pads for the TR6, the prefix FER refers to the budget range FDB for the premier 167 is the part no. ( FDB 167 are fitted to my TR6 ) Harvey S. Maitland
  12. HSM

    A Nice Rack -2.

    Try compressing the rubber coupling with an expanding clip until the holes align. Harvey S. Maitland
  13. HSM

    PI Fuel Pressure

    The part no of the Bosch submersible pump is 0 580 254 040 ( runs at 100 psi ) Harvey S. Maitland
  14. HSM


    Flamethrower coil from Aldon Automotive or Bosch high energy blue coil part no 0 221 119 027 from most motor factors. Harvey S. Maitland
  15. HSM

    TR will not start.

    Check vacuum diaphragm in metering unit ( possibly split causing sudden failure ) & over fueling. Harvey S. Maitland
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