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  1. If coolant flows through heater matrix ( heater on hot & not blocked ) and blows out hot air pump o.k. Harvey S. Maitland
  2. Fitted L.E.D. tubes in my garage reception, less power consumption & brighter, but you need to buy them with the fitting. Harvey S.Maitland
  3. Concentric release bearings include the hydraulic slave cylinder, when they leak its a gearbox off job. Harvey S. Maitland
  4. Just a tip for checking play in suspension joints in double wishbone front suspension, lift the car with the jack under the lower wishbone to remove weight from suspension components, this is normal procedure when conducting an MOT test. Harvey S.Maitland
  5. Apart from sealed beam headlamps that are checked on main beam most headlamps are checked on dipped beam and provided the alignment complies with the correct beam image they will pass. It is only HID bulbs fitted in existing H4 halogen units that would fail under section "C" of the defects light source & lamp not compatible. Always remember no element of dismantling is allowed during a test. Complete L.E.D conversions should not be a reason for failure provided they give the correct image. Harvey S. Maitland
  6. The majority of manufactures of modern cars have the fan behind the radiator ( assuming they have all done their homework ) this would appear to be the most effective position. Harvey S. Maitland
  7. Just a point on fitting HID bulbs, Class 4 test manual section 4.1.4 Compliance with requirements states existing halogen headlamp units should not be converted to be used with HID bulbs, if such a conversion has been done you must fail the headlamp. Harvey S. Maitland DVSA AE
  8. To answer the initial question to check the water pump. With engine up to temperature if heater is blowing hot air pump is o.k., warm or cool air pump not supplying adequate circulation, always assuming heater valve in hot position. Harvey S. Maitland
  9. About to set off to Dendigh to take part in the North Wales walled towns classic car trail. The route goes to Betws y Coed & on to Conwy then Beaumaris finishing on the quayside at Caernafon Castle for the prizegiving 150 cars to take part , should be a fun day out. Harvey S. Maitland
  10. HSM

    Free MOT

    A car may be driven to & from a test station or a repairer ( after it has failed ) legally without an MOT provided it has been booked in advance with the vehicle details & owners name & address. Of cause a dangerous vehicle should never be driven on the public road regardless of having an MOT or not. Goggle MOT test manual or DVSA Matters of testing & all the information is there to hand. You would not be prosecuted for not having a test certificate, but you may be for driving a dangerous car. Harvey S. Maitland DVSA AE
  11. A.P.Lockheed do not recommend silicone brake fluid due to its higher wear rate Harvey S. Maitland
  12. HSM

    Free MOT

    A dangerous failure does not prevent the car being removed from the test station. An "e" mail has been circulated by the DVSA to that effect & wish to be notified of any test station that tries to force an owner to leave a vehicle for repair. Harvey S. Maitland DVSA AE
  13. HSM

    Free MOT

    A partial re-test must be carried out within 10 working days from test date subject to a maximum of 1/2 the full test fee. Otherwise a full test will be required at the full test fee. Harvey S. Maitland DVSA AE
  14. Malcolm Jones at Prestige Injection can supply large bore tank outlets that he fits to his pump kits. Harvey S. Maitland
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