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  1. All the best bob, hope your keeping well. Best wishes from Harvey
  2. Regarding a small cooling fan blowing air over the pump. Back in the early seventies a number of us fitted various fans to cool the Lucas pump in the boot. From my own experience when the pump overheated resulting in sudden loss of power switching the fan on instantaneously restored full power again. I have also fitted a small oil cooler outside in the wheel arch connected to the by-pass fuel from the P.R.V. back to the tank, this was when my pump was in the boot. Harvey
  3. Went on 250 mls trip on Sunday, no problem with pump mounted outside in wheel arch. Tank filled with Shell V-power ran tank down to 1/3 full. Harvey
  4. Hi David Please don't be put off using the forum in the future. Maybe some people can unintentionally be a little abrupt in their replies bot i do not believe any offence was intended. With best regards Harvey
  5. It is actually a lead sharpener for a draughtsmans clutch pencil. I still have one and a clutch pencil from my days as an apprentice draughtsman. Happy lead sharpening Harvey .
  6. HSM

    Dead electrics

    Same thing happened to me. The + cable from battery to starter was corroded at the spade terminal at the starter end causing intermittent total loss of all electrics. Cleaned up terminal & all restored. Best of luck Harvey
  7. HSM

    Sealing concrete

    Hi Ian SIKA make a range of products for the construction, manufacturing & automotive industries, may be worth a call to see what they advise. Harvey
  8. Hi Chris An interference press fit Regards Harvey
  9. Hi Charlie I found this on page 7 of the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations.Expression Minimum height above ground. Meaning The height below which no part of the illuminated area in the case of a lamp, or the reflecting area in the case of a retro reflector, extends when the vehicle is at its kerbside weight and when each tyre with which the vehicle is fitted is inflated to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle. I leave you all to make some sense of that.
  10. The measurement is to the centre of the lens. Regarding MOT requirements no measuring is required. Harvey
  11. In old fashioned money from memory driving lights must be between 24" & 36" from the ground & automatically extinguish when headlamps are dipped. Remember the Hillman Imp, the headlamps were too low so Routes adopted the quick fix of longer front springs, until modifying the suspension mountings. Harvey
  12. Hi Peter On the information leaflet in one of my bleed pressure medication tablets, it advises against grapefruit juice. But i stand to be corrected. Glad your keeping well Peter.
  13. HSM


    The sump & all bearing caps can be removed with engine in car to inspect bearings & crank shaft journals for damage. Good luck with regards Harvey
  14. A B.M.W. brake light switch will go well with your B.M.W. engine. Harvey
  15. The only problem i experienced with the external oil feed to the head was a reduction in oil supply to the camshaft resulting in seized journals. I believe the later ones have a reduced feed to the head to overcome this issue. Harvey
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