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  1. My US spec 6 1970 8.50. 72/73 models 7.75. 74 model 7.5. I fitted a pair of HS6''s from a 2500TC I will try to find which needles I fitted, I seem to recall that they were BDQ. I also replaced the exhaust manifold with an extractor and also with sports exhaust. No complaints regarding performance since I changed form the breathless Stromberg and the emissions set up
  2. Hi folks I have just spotted a forum discussion on this very subject, my questions have been answered!!
  3. I am considering fitting an electric fan and would appreciate which is considered the best, a "blower" or a "sucker" and is the removal of the mechanical fam blades advisable?
  4. Your car will fail the MOT if any LED's are fitted Classic Car Weekly report about new MOT rules.
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