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  1. Hi Mick, Agreed about poor protection and "with knobs on". In this case the "knobs" are square tubes from the inner wing mounts to the bulkhead, linked to an under-dash square cross tube, again linked to the floor and front outriggers. That's my excuse anyway. Cheers, Mike.
  2. Hamish, Not heavy, it's fibreglass, or more correctly, GRP. Mike.
  3. Hi Menno,

    Very sorry to see you go.




  4. Hi Nick, Have a look here: http://web.archive.org/web/20061130211806/http://mikek.9online.fr/coolant.htm It was a bit tricky adjusting the maximum pressure ! Cheers, Mike
  5. Try using a plain nut first until the taper is tight, then change for a nyloc Cheers, Mike
  6. Hi Ian, Another slight correction? "Changing gearbox& overdrive oil" Caption under first photo reads "gearbox drain (all models) & FILTER plug (yellow-TR4 onwards). I think that should be FILLER plug. I also think that some 3a's have this plug. Cheers, Mike.
  7. Stan, Posted 02 February 2013 - 06:35 PM Berry wrote: The easiest way to find TDC is bring #1 piston to near the top of its stroke, screw a bolt of the same size as the spark plug (14mmX1.25mm) into the spark plug hole until it contacts the piston and scribe a mark on the damper. Then carefully turn the crankshaft counter clockwise until the bolt contacts the piston and scribe a mark on the damper. True TDC will be half way between the marks. Cheers, Mike.
  8. Miles, Would it not be possible to leave the nut where it is, add the heat shield and put a second nut to secure everything? ( The stud appears to be long enough) Cheers, Mike.
  9. Hi Menno, A couple of pics here: http://tinyurl.com/bm8p7xx Cheers, Mike.
  10. Hi Dave, This may be of interest: http://mikek.9online.fr/coolant.htm Cheers, Mike. http://mikek.9online.fr/index.htm
  11. Hi, I seem to remember a similar photo in TRaction some years ago with a note about it being built by an Italian in New Zealand. Anyone else remember this? Cheers, Mike. http://mikek.9online.fr/index.htm
  12. Do as we did in the '70s.....a piece of copper pipe slipped over the ends . A real period accessory ! Still in place on my 3A today. Cheers , Mike . http://mikek.9online.fr/index.htm
  13. Thanks Tony , I'm convinced that's the way to go. Cheers, Mike http://mikek.9online.fr/index.htm
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