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    Currently 1938 Hillman 14 (awaiting patiently for restoration, been 30 years already), 1948 Hillman Minx (restored many years ago but last used 1990), 1968 Austin A35 van,( restored 2012 and used regularly), 1970 Triumph Vitesse convertible ( restored but not used as often as I should but ready to go), Current project 1960 Triumph TR3a. Also a collection of various grey porrige BSA m/cycles including 4 Bantams (1948 D1, `55 D3, `68 &`69 D14/4s) . 1955 C11G 250, and a few Dandy`s, Beagles, and an Ariel3 thrown in for good measure.

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  1. Note that you have fitted the half grommets on the bonnet.

    From the bottom up as per moss catalogue or as per the article

    in the old moss magazine I.e.from the top down ?


    1. Ralph Whitaker

      Ralph Whitaker

      Hi Jim, sorry I did not get back to you sooner but I have only just seen this message, for some reason I don`t seem to have been notified.

      Anyway, I did them according to the article, from the top down and used a countersunk bolt and nut with a washer under  to flare out the grommet. Finished off with a plain bolt and washers to squeeze it as flat as I could.

      I found that I had to run a suitable drill through after to get the Dzus fastener through, and to this day I have been unable to get the retaining washers on, not that they wouldn`t go on, but I cannot get them over the fastener let alone try flattening them out, the hole in the retainer is too small ( or the fastener too big).

      However they are in and hold the hood shut, I might have another go at the retaining washers when I run out of other more important stuff to do.


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