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  1. Thank all, that's really interesting feed back and I actually had no idea about the little box speaker that was fitted on the rear trim board, every day is a school day, so to sum up..... It appears from the conversations above I have the correct push button Radiomobile radio already fitted which is the right era and model which is a real bonus that I didn't expect(although missing the fitting kit no doubt through years of radio removal etc) The aerial is in the correct position on the offside front wing Downside is I still have a pair of crappy Panasonic speakers cut into t
  2. Hi all In my quest for originality I’m looking to fit an original factory supplied radio to my 1973 TR. A few questions.... Does anyone have any idea what radios were fitted from the factory/ dealerships?, was there a range of radio makes to chose from or just what was available at the time? If so any idea what were they?. I have a period Radiomobile from the 70’s fitted but just not sure if it’s the original. secondly were the speakers fitted in the footwells? Currently mine are fitted behind the driver/passenger seats which I don’t think was the original location.
  3. Hi Nick, injection badge should be black. Mines not moved off the car since 1973 and its always been black. I reckon the red was a previous owner being a bit creative to make it stand out a bit.
  4. Good tip and duly noted, thanks
  5. Thanks Andy, thought that would be the response but always good to get other options. I have a local powder coat place near me so I will get cracking. Keith
  6. Evening everyone. I want to refurbish my steel wheels and standard factory fitted rocker cover. What the best way to go paint or powder coat? Or is it just down to personal preference? Obviously powder coat is more hard wearing for the wheels but I'm worried that powder coating the rocker cover may effect the fit onto the engine.
  7. Hi there, another option, as I did, was to have one made in brushed stainless steel and covered in leather. It looks exactly like the original one I have but minus the rust. The cost of restoring the old one was the same as having one made.
  8. Keith A

    TR6 bumpers

    Thanks Graham, I was aware of the advantage of repair but nor the easily scratched issue
  9. Keith A

    TR6 bumpers

    A quick question..... What are the pros and cons of stainless steel bumpers v chrome bumpers? I've been told stainless are not as good, any views?
  10. Managed to find an OE gear knob and steering wheel in decent condition so they are going straight on at the weekend and a will be reinstalling the central push/pull interior light on/off switch (the one that sits under the radio on the H frame).
  11. Sorry for late reply and thanks for the tips guys. On closer inspection it is indeed a dense rubber surround and not leather as first thought. It's the spokes that give me the most concern they are badly pitted. I've removed the rust and flaky material. I've restored the central boss and it came up a treat. I think I just need to persevere with rubbing down the spokes until in a decent state. Keith A
  12. I recently become the proud owner of a genuine factory fitted TR 6 steering wheel (it was a free and gratis gift). I have successfully renovated the boss, centre pad and horn assembly however the leather and the three spokes are very tired. I think the leather can be saved with a little bit of TLC, leather feed and colouring but the spokes are rusty and slightly pitted and above any renovation I can achieve in my garage. Does anyone know of a good steering wheel renovation company where I can maybe send it off for a full resto or even some handy tips on how I could bring the spokes back to
  13. Thanks for the feedback guys. consensus seems to be white front, yellow rear with black plastic numbers/letters. The link to the Tippers website was useful, thanks Andrew. Regards Keith
  14. Hi everyone I'm new to this forum having owed my first '6' for just under a year. I am trying to put some originality back into my 1973 TR6 firstly by changing the number plates back to the original factory spec. Currently the front and rear plates are standard size, both front and rear are black plastic with silver numbering is this correct? were they originally metal or plastic when they left the factory? were they both black? A small detail in the grand scheme of things I know but can anyone advise.....
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