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  1. Excellent advice but, If you think that's difficult try a V12 XJS; I have to sort that out before I can restart on the 6. Jon.
  2. It is black and powdered coated or at least mine is ( 09/72) Jon.
  3. You have probably been given hoses with metric treads whereas the unions on the car are imperial threads; you should be able to exchange the new hoses for ones with imperial threads though. Jon.
  4. Oh! don't worry I had no intention of going anywhere near it. Jon.
  5. Err, yes good point, dinner was calling is my excuse. https://www.juriessouth.top/collections/mobilelift/products/mobile-lift
  6. Does anyone know anything about this lift and the company seems far to cheap to be true. Jon.
  7. Unfortunately not, it's supposed to be "work of art". There is some artistic merit of course but not in the way the "artist" intended I expect. Jon
  8. it's my understanding that if an item is exported from the UK then there is no UK tax payable; or have got hold of the wrong end of the stick? Jon.
  9. Just removed the bonnet on my XJ-S prior to front end overhaul. Jon.
  10. Installing power cable and sockets in the garage, the lighting went in last week. Jon.
  11. Given the present market conditions and the pictures I don't think that it too far over the top pricewise. But, there is a fair amount of work and expense required to bring it up to a reasonable standard. Certainty worth a punt - make him an offer but, go and see it first; never, ever buy blind. Jon.
  12. Not much left of the original by the sound and look of it; but a fair guide price I would have thought. Jon.
  13. That garage is far to clean and tidy.
  14. Can you explain this in plan English please?
  15. scousegit

    TR6 mark up

    I asked for a quote the other week for welding and replacing panels, which I already have, on my bare shell together with chassis work, plus painting shell and chassis - £22,595 - 95; this is the second estimate at around this price, Just to put things in perspective. I feel that there will be a steep curve upwards, or maybe not, in ones welding skills over the coming winter! Jon.
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