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  1. Unfortunately not, it's supposed to be "work of art". There is some artistic merit of course but not in the way the "artist" intended I expect. Jon
  2. it's my understanding that if an item is exported from the UK then there is no UK tax payable; or have got hold of the wrong end of the stick? Jon.
  3. Just removed the bonnet on my XJ-S prior to front end overhaul. Jon.
  4. Installing power cable and sockets in the garage, the lighting went in last week. Jon.
  5. Given the present market conditions and the pictures I don't think that it too far over the top pricewise. But, there is a fair amount of work and expense required to bring it up to a reasonable standard. Certainty worth a punt - make him an offer but, go and see it first; never, ever buy blind. Jon.
  6. Not much left of the original by the sound and look of it; but a fair guide price I would have thought. Jon.
  7. That garage is far to clean and tidy.
  8. Can you explain this in plan English please?
  9. scousegit

    TR6 mark up

    I asked for a quote the other week for welding and replacing panels, which I already have, on my bare shell together with chassis work, plus painting shell and chassis - £22,595 - 95; this is the second estimate at around this price, Just to put things in perspective. I feel that there will be a steep curve upwards, or maybe not, in ones welding skills over the coming winter! Jon.
  10. A load of gentleman's dangly bits to me, and don't forget that this weekend is a bank holiday. A cash transfer from his A/C into yours, nothing else will do; and then transfer the money into another A/C immediately. Also state on the receipt that he has bought the vehicle unseen, and that you are not responsible for any problems that may arise at a later date, and make him sign it in your presence. First and foremost, remember that this is a business transaction and not an old pals act. Jon. PS As far as I can see there are no early morning departures for Oz on Friday from Heathrow in fact the first is at 0600.
  11. Tell tis so called "winner" he has 24 hours to cough up the whole amount, in cash, or he looses it. To be frank his excuse's smell like dead cod wash up on the shore at New Brighton. Jon.
  12. If you can, empty the tank and remove it from the car. Once you have vented the tank and made sure that it is fume free block all the inlets and outlets securely bar one, and then fill with compressed air then place in a water tank, you will soon find out if you have an extra hole! The same thing happened to the "Wheeler Dealers" TR. They sent to a guy who did this and then sorted the problem a patch and solder. Though it might just be easier to go and buy a new tank as I will have to do on my '72 6. Jon.
  13. I've notice this of late as well when I start the Volvo v70 diesel and my Jag XJ-S on the driveway, Perhaps it is to make us aware of what we're pumping out or to stop people topping themselves in enclosed garages. Whatever they have added it smells pretty foul. Jon.
  14. Indeed it does - but on a left hand drive car, not a right. Removing the glove box on right hand drive won't get you very far. Jon.
  15. Apologises for the delay, I've been searching high and low for the pictures I've done of the project so far but to no avail they the folder seems to have disappeared; they are on my FB page though which you might be able to see here: https://www.facebook.com/jon.godsell.5/media_set?set=a.10153595922462591.1073741827.646377590&type=3 I have also written a piece explaining the situation in greater detail but, I think it rather to long winded for here and pretty pointless without the pictures, so I will just post the final paragraph: In answer to the questions posed, I have considered painting the shell myself, this one of the reasons I enrolled at the college in the first place. I do also understand the work that is necessary together with the associated cost involved to do the job well, but I don't want the car to be a "Concours Show Queen" when it's complete. I want to be able to drive my beloved around both at home and abroad, without having to worry about a little nick here and there or getting her mucky. I beginning to feel that a plan B is now required and I'll be looking into it in the next few days. Jon.
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